I’m Minesh, nice to “meet” you…

lot of you may know me from my work with teaching people & speaking on stage about investing, and primarily my work with Gold And Silver For Life, where the mission is to help busy professionals, small business owners and private investors to transform their investment results for reliable, consistent and easy profits and secure the comfort and security they’ve always dreamed of by giving them the power to grow their money safely.

But this blog, is a personal journey to and through success.

Let me tell you the story of why it came about…

This journal I have has every single lesson that I have ever learned about success, about what it takes, about the shifts that need to happen in mindset and it continues to grow everyday.

I have learned what it takes to bend your reality to experience what you want in life & I’ve documented every step. Why? Because I met a very successful man once, who spent 3 hours over dinner complaining that his children weren’t successful, they didn’t have it in them, ambition is just within you, some people aren’t meant to get it. And I saw the pain in his eyes.

So I asked him “How did you do it?”. And to my astonishment, he couldn’t answer. Yes he gave me his timeline of successes, but he couldn’t answer every single detail, every mindset shift and every experience that caused him to be the man he was today sitting in-front of me.

If he couldn’t explain it to me, sure as hell he wasn’t able to tell his children.

At that point I realised that if I just continue to walk this journey without noting down the lessons I’ll change so fast that I just won’t be able to teach my children the what it really takes. So I started a journal. Titled it “Things To Teach My Children” and I keep it now so that one day my children can have 20+ years of transformation in the palms of their hands.

Even if I forget what it takes, how to transform, how to align with what you want, they’ll still have their time cut in half.

I kept this journal private for a long time, but one day, I finally started teaching, ok I finally started being heard by my friends who were finally ready to listen to what I was learning.

And I realised something, we get told all the time that you can have whatever you want, you can manifest anything you want, you can have be create anything…

… and we always hear stories about how people have manifested businesses, their perfect partner, their health, holidays, jewellery, a new job… whatever.

What does hearing those things have anything to do with benefitting you? Does it aide your “knowing” that you can do it too? In most cases, no, because a knowing comes from experience.

And even though I can’t manifest your life for you, I have and will continue to learn these laws and lessons to manifest my life.

So, I decided that the next step, the step closer is to state my intention, just like I now do to my friends & family, and then have you along for the ride as the universe bends to my will, as the random coincidences happen, as the science of the law of attraction and manifestation works for me.

They say “Money Talks Bullshit Walks” and for the first time ever in history, I’m about to reveal & put my life and all my intentions out in public.

Why? Because I “hope” that when you come along for the ride, see my intentions, see my life designs and read the documented journey to their eventual manifestation, you’ll come to KNOW, that you also have the power to manifest anything you want for your life.

And one day, when my future children read this documented journey, they’ll know too, that they can have, be and create ANYTHING they want for their life.

Stay tuned. We’re just starting.



How I Started

I started out by being given Rich Dad Poor Dad by my Dad at the age of 14. He was trying to get me to focus on the concept of wealth building but, just like every teenager, if it was coming from my Dad’s mouth, it wasn’t right!

So he gave me this book, and naturally it got thrown to the side and ignored for almost 18 months, after which I read it and it just gripped me. The understandings of assets/liabilities, the concept that the house you buy and live in is, contrary to popular belief, a liability and not an asset. These little nuances in the understanding of money fascinated me.

So by the time I was 16 I’d finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and then almost immediately started working in the Real Estate field. My Dad negotiated property deals for investors and one day, very ignorantly I walked past him negotiating a deal and said “that sounds easy, I could do that!”. To which he said “Okay, here you go!”.

In that moment of faith from him it led me to negotiate some excellent deals and all while hiding behind a phone at 16 years old, getting property deals that 50 year olds with years of experience couldn’t get!

I had negotiated £3m worth of property deals by the age of 18 and then a deal fell across my sight and I realised it was time for me to take some action. So, with the assistance of my Mum & Dad, bought £1m worth of property in London Docklands with a £68,000 cash-back!

After this, I met a now friend of mine, Mark Anastasi, who after hearing that story said to me “You should be on stage”. And that’s when I became a speaker. Just makes you wonder, imagine if Mark wasn’t there to say that at that very moment!

So then taking this cash-back I flew to Monaco, which is now my favourite place on the entire planet, and had a rather “expensive” weekend, I’m sure you remember the first taste of money you got, it was terrible, sometimes I talk about this story on stage and people’s faces are funny to watch. I remember standing on the balcony of the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco pouring our 2 half bottles of Cristal Champagne into the ocean.

Luckily, I came back and had my Dad and my mentors put me back on course.

After that, I started looking at Stock Market Investing, and then followed by Gold & Silver Investing, and of-course what we were teaching evolved with what we were doing.

Now I speak on stage and have an intention to through Gold For Life evolve 2,391 people from Opportunists to Money Managers.

I am an evolutionist and I know that my purpose on this planet is to help people evolve along the natural path of ascension that the world is spiritually going in. And I have the gift to touch and affect people in regards with their finances. My plan is to leverage that and take as many people as want to go, on this path. I believe I’ve been given certain knowledge, a mind that can locate the truth and translate it past the mass delusion to evolve souls and that’s what I plan to do.


These are a handful of interviews I’ve done and are useful if you want to learn more about what I do:





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