For someone who is looking to take quantum leaps in results and transcend their environment at a pace that has never been experienced before, it’s not wise to take action after action after action.

Yet, we’re told constantly by people to take action. Why?

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The Pareto Principle suggests that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your actions. This means that most of the actions you’re taking are  ineffective for the result you want to create.

What I’ve learned in my experience is that until you’re in a certain particular state of mind all actions are driving you to that state of mind or are distracting you from it. More on that later.

You see the way our mind’s are conditioned in this industrial age society is that unless we are doing something, our existence holds no value.

So we repeatedly see people taking action after action which is going in no direction or the wrong direction getting more and more frustrated about why they’re not achieving what they want.

The truth however is, no action is better than massive action – IF you don’t clearly know what you want.

What took me a long time to understand about “action” is that you’re putting energy out there into the world with whichever actions you’re taking. That energy WILL be reflected back to you as per the idea of cause & effect.

You must be willing to play out the energy of the effect for every action you take. If you’re unwilling to play out the effect, don’t cause it.

Now the dilemma is, what will be the effect? Will it be good? Will I want it?

That’s the delusion.

When you know what you want, those questions are simple. If you know you want to take xyz business to a million dollars in revenue, you want to spend 5 hours a week doing it and want to be able to have lunch at xyz restaurant 3 days a week and at 5pm on Mondays and Tuesday’s be available to go to a golf club with your friends….

If you know what you want to even just that level of basic clarity, all actions become very easy to feel through.

You know for example that it’s not worth sending that email to someone across the planet suggesting a joint venture because your research tells you it’ll probably involve you flying there and back repeatedly.

Whereas under the philosophy of “take action” you would have taken and fired that action and started creating momentum down that route only to find yourself unhappy and dissatisfied with the outcome, then trying to figure out how to undo everything you’ve done, and then finally being back at a place to do what you originally wanted about 6 months later.

So by firing one wrong action, creating momentum and having to follow through, you’ve cost yourself 6 months of productivity.

Whereas just by sitting for a few days and clearly identifying what it is you want and becoming certain on that before even contemplating any actions and you would have realised that for example, maybe hiring an online advertising expert to increase sales would have been a better choice.

Stillness overpowers action every single time UNTIL you know clearly what you want. When you achieve a state of knowing what you want, take massive action. Until then, just deal with the possibilities in your mind.

Your biggest advantage is TIME. Action takes up time. So the goal should be to take as few actions to get what you want right? Ie, take the least amount of time to get what you want?

Shouldn’t that be the overall goal? Getting the reality you want?

Then stop taking pointless actions and start taking meaningful thinking time.

Lay the mental groundwork before you ever step a foot forward in reality. Remember:


Be still, embrace the creative power of your mind to see the victory then once certain move forward with the wrath of a King, the patience of a Queen and the force of an army.

Every creation is manifested in the mind BEFORE it’s arrival in reality. Spend time in the creation & make sure it’s what you want, fit’s in the plan of what you want to create and then design your actions to receive, because the creating’s already done.

I guarantee your productivity will jump if you can resist wanting to take action all the time.




2 thoughts on “Why Stillness Is More Powerful Than Action

  1. I'm seeing this over and over again, the power of alignment, and recognising it.

    I've seen that alignment, is becoming the number 1 thing, which I need to focus on. That process, i.e. the methods of getting what I want, will show up, once I'm FULLY aligned with the outcome.

    Its occurring repetitively on a small scale, over and over again, but the larger scale, i.e. $1m NET is not manifesting until I clear misalignment out of my physicality i.e. Not having a clear and concise company structure.

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