Let me ask you, have you ever had a feeling inside about a decision or an event or a person in your life and it was telling you, screaming “this is wrong!” but you did it anyway?

Have you ever taken that decision anyway, regardless of this voice and then it turned out to be wrong, you hurt yourself or wasted valuable time?

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People do this all the time. They fail to listen to their own Intuition.

I feel like this year Intuition has been sucker punching me left, right and centre to get me to focus. Seems like almost every major decision I’ve made where my heart was screaming “NO!”, even though everything else on the outside appeared right, it was always wrong.

And I mean in travel, speaking, relationship, networking, business, health. Literally EVERYTHING.

This has never happened before, my intuition has been growing so much this year that I decided to really think about it and why it was getting stronger, why I was ignoring it and what I needed to do to further strengthen it, because it was right every time!

So anyway, what IS intuition? And WHY is it so useful?

Fascinating question and after a LOT of thought I’ve managed to capture it’s essence in one sentence:

Intuition is the heart of God correcting the path of limited perception the reality being portrayed to you had you walking down.

Let’s break this down. Intuition always kicks in at a certain point of a path you’re already walking down, which means your analysis and evaluation of a certain decision concluded that this path, from your perceived analysis was correct. Then intuition comes in and through your feelings, gives you a red stop light.

As most people that follow me know, I’m not religious, and so the term God is really a reference to a higher collective intelligence that we’re all connected to. This higher collective intelligence exists a place where no time no space exists, where the intention is already created and the “want” has already manifested. So this intelligence knows the fastest, simplest route from this point where you are to the manifestation of your desire in your reality.

So when you set that intention, and suddenly evaluate your current surroundings and see that there’s 3 routes to it, make a decision to walk down route 2 and intention kicks in with a stop light, it’s because route 1 or 3 were probably better, from the higher, all things considered, every things already created perspective.

The thing is, because most of our wants are birthed from our mis-alignments, we’re really trying to justify our existence by wanting or forcing the creation of something because we doubt that it will actually manifest. For example, the only reason people want more money is because in their current reality they perceive they don’t have any. So they’re mis-aligned to money, so they want and desire it. Our pig-headedness then comes in, because obviously, that we were told not to do, is the very thing we want to do, right?

So then we decide to take this path because we want that manifestation so badly and everything is telling us not to, so therefore, forget reality, it MUST BE RIGHT.

This happens so many times with investing too, in Gold For Life, we’ve had to actually change the description of the investors we’re creating to subtly change the programming and expected action people put on themselves.

We used to call our students “Investors”. The problem with this is, when someone idolises themselves as an “investor”, what actions must they align with? They MUST invest, to live up to this aspirational identity that Minesh Bhindi gives them. So this led them to wanting to take actions, place trades, make investments when the time wasn’t right, the patience wasn’t there. So I thought about it and thought “what actions do I really want my students to be taking?” and sat down and wrote out my intentions for their actions under the coaching.

I need people to think, evaluate, make slow decision, think before they act, commit to and investment decision, and most importantly, think long term.

So I changed the phrase “We’re creating Investors” to “We’re creating MONEY MANAGERS” and BOOM! Which is actually what they should be thinking, but the conditioning of my industry as an educator didn’t allow me to slow down and think about it until this year. Suddenly the whole communities intention is to be a Money Manager and now the right actions are effortless, the timing of people’s trades, with the SAME rules, has jumped through the roof and their outlook has completely changed from 6 months on Gold & Silver with me banging my head against a wall re-explaining fundamentals, to 3-10 years without breaking a sweat.

All because I changed the INTENTION for joining & being part of the community.

So, this fascinated me and when my last sucker punch from intuition very recently actually took me out of action for a week mindset wise, which no one will ever know about, I started asking myself…

“Okay, Intuition, you’re obviously right, but how did I and how do I strengthen this?”

And as we all know that famous saying “Ask and it is given”. I was given the answer. And since then I’ve been focusing on feeling my way through life. Which everyone tells us, but we never do.

Want to know the answer in ONE word?


Here goes…


I heard someone say “The Bigger The Vision, The Simpler The Life.” It didn’t make sense to me until I really understood this lesson, which

This one statement has so much wisdom it’s unbelievable. But let’s get back to Intuition.

What I’ve been given is that the bigger the vision, the clearer the vision, the definiteness of thought, the clarity of vision breeds stronger intuition.

When you surrender the thoughts in your mind in their most definite of perception to your heart, the heart of God takes over and the route to your intention is given to you.

In this, any distraction that comes along you get a “bad feeling” from because this is your intuition telling you “this isn’t the clearest path”.

Your feelings become your navigation and it becomes easy for you to feel the world out and ultimately see your intention manifest.

This thing called intuition is powerful, and this year, sucker punch after sucker punch it’s reminded me of it’s power and wisdom. I got the company into 2 business deals/associations, a personal relationship, a couple of trips this year and spent time dealing with people in 2013 where my intuition was SCREAMING “this isn’t right”.

We get a lot done because we work smart, but I can shamefully say Minesh Bhindi has probably wasted about 5-6.5 okay 7 months of this year walking against my intuition and feeling the sucker punches from life for it.

Now in that time, in 2013, we’ve done a lot, Gold For Life has almost a completely new, more aligned vision, the marketing is all new, the student community feel is more amazing than ever, we added the most students this year than previous years, the foundations & systems are set for me to leverage Gold For Life to where it needs to go next year, our student success rate is still 92%, awareness is higher, we have a Youth Scholarship Program finally launched, I spoke in some amazing locations, met some amazing people, finally got my personal brand implemented out there and the seeds set for that, most importantly to me, got the next 10 years direction mapped out and still managed to have some amazing Champagne and cigars with some amazing people that I love all over the world.

But, imagine if I had those 5-7 months of no distraction, no waiting, no false assumptions, no disheartening and most importantly, no regrets which I’ve had to just deal with. If you’ve read the My Intentions page, you know I have a LOT to do & manifest, and in those 5-7 months of distraction and not listening to my own intuition, I cost myself that progress. Now of course, if I hadn’t gone through that, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post, but I’m just trying to point out the potential cost to YOU if you don’t implement this after reading this blog post.

This year also wasn’t a record breaking year financially for Gold For Life which it should have been, in-fact as a result of going against intuition, the company took a pay-cut because we were waiting for people, projects and ideas which intuition already told us weren’t going to work to create the new direction of what we want to create.

Just to make clear, it wasn’t those events, those peoples, those opportunities fault. I’m not blaming a lion for being a lion and biting my hand when I put my hand in it’s mouth. Intuition’s job is to keep you only focused on events, people and opportunities that ARE aligned to your intention. When you go against it, you let other people’s agenda’s start affecting your navigation. It’s literally like getting in a car, plugging in the Sat-Nav destination and letting every person you pick up change the address because THEY don’t want to go there, even though it’s your car. Intuition will make it so that you can’t even see them on the side of the road.

Let me tell you something else, how amazing intuition is, all of the decisions I made (that went against intuition) were taken AFTER deliberation, after consulting my closest people and after really thinking through them with more than just my mind on it, they got green light’s from our minds combined and from our limited perception, but higher intelligence knew otherwise. Amazing.

One reason why I think, after spending literally the last 3-4 days just thinking about this, why my intuition has strengthened this year is because I have never been MORE aligned to my purpose, never been MORE aligned to what I want and never been MORE aligned to my work.

And so, after going through all of this, here’s the section you’ve been waiting for:

How To Implement This Lesson

1. Set a CLEAR, PRECISE and ACCURATE vision of what you want to create. 

2. Sit with that definite wisdom until all doubt has disappeared and it’s a scientific certainty in your mind.

3. Start walking down the easiest most obvious path of action living in that vision.

4. Become very highly, ultra conscious of any decisions you’re making that are coming as an influence of other people or other events and see what your feelings say about that path or direction.

5. Surrender to the feeling, don’t second guess it and keep moving forward.

Here’s why this works, because you’re no longer making decisions from a doubtful place, you’ve become SO certain about that reality that anything that doesn’t line up, just will not feel right, why? Because you’re LIVING in the feeling. So anything that’s not the feeling, will feel wrong.

It’s like, you have a glass of water. So clear. So certain. If I drop a red grape in that glass of water, do you think you’ll be able to spot it?

And the less clear you are, the cloudier the water, the harder to spot the red grape.

That’s intuition, more and more easier to feel as you get more and more clearer.

My students in Gold For Life often ask me “how did you know not to invest this month” or “how did you know not to take that action”. It’s quite simple, my clarity of what I want as far as the investment goes is SO certain, the clarity of what action to take just FEELS right or wrong.

Increase the definiteness of your thoughts and then surrender your vision to your heart because clarity in your soul breeds increasingly powerful intuition. The bigger the vision, the simpler the life & anything is easy, simple and most possible when you take orders from higher intelligence where the subject of your creation is already a reality.

Most people worry too much about what’s against them, instead of looking at who is walking beside them at all times. Navigate life to win, not to not lose.


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2 thoughts on “What Not Following My Intuition Cost Me In 2013 & How To Listen To Yours

  1. Love it! Great advice I specially like that part were you make reference to “The Bigger The Vision, The Simpler The Life.” that took me 52 years to understand. Thanks for sharing.

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