One thing I’ve learned this year is quite profound. The purpose of money.

What is the purpose of money? Some might say to buy more, live a better life and create a better future for ourselves and our family.

But that’s a lie. That’s the delusion we’ve been taught to live in, that money itself will create a better life for us. Your intention, and the quality of it is the only thing that can create a better life for you, money facilitates it into manifestation in “this” world where money is important. Money doesn’t make your life better.

There is only one reason, and one reason alone for more money in your life, and that is to buffer you from needing to take immediate action in the hysteria of the world.

The single biggest advantage money gives you in life is the mind-space you need to set clearer, deeper, more powerful intentions and then wait for the RIGHT alignment to appear in order to act.

Money allows you to create the gap between you and the Truman Show world we’ve all been conditioned to live in. There is a reason why consumerism plagues this world, we’ve been taught that spending equals wealth, when it just doesn’t. The abundance of money distances you from the drug like addiction to “falling in line” that most of this world is conditioned to.

“I need to pay the bills”

“I need to make money”

“I need to do SOMETHING”

All of this activates the reptilian mind because it invokes a certain level of flight or fight syndrome while in a constant state of fear about paying the bills and making the money now. When in this state we’re  highly suggestible, highly influenceable. And most importantly, highly subject-able to consumerist behaviours. Especially when the idea of spending is equal to a sense of “achievement”. When in a state of low abundance of money, we are no longer in control of our intentions.

Most people will never achieve what they want because of the pressure and need to do something to gain instant gratification in the definition that this world gives success. Money removes this pressure, slows life down and allows the actions to be more inspired, allows your intentions to be more thoughtful and allows your manifestation of success to be more impactful.

Remember, the quality of the fruits are determined by the quality of the intention, so if by being pressured because money we set lower quality intentions, our lives will be of a lower quality. Suddenly it’s a “goal” for someone to own a Louis Vuitton bag or a Bentley, because from the life we’re conditioned to live those products are positioned as goals.

You are only limited by the creativity in your mind & heart. And having money reduces the need, reduces the sensation of consumerist wealth and allows you to be more creative.

This is why the wealthy will always get wealthy. I’ve always found that from a thinking perspective the wealthier a person gets, the SLOWER they think, but when they act, they act fast. This means that their intention is clearer, much more powerful and they penetrate the world with much more impact. No wonder the rich keep getting richer, the less well off, poor, are too busy acting on whatever is in-front of them.

Money liberates your need to act and free’s up your ability to create with intention. It reduces the perceived “fear” in the world, calms the reptilian brain down and allows you to intend clearly.

The scariest question in existence is “What do you want?” because no one knows, and we’ve been conditioned to think that what we want, if we live it fully will upset the people we care about. Once you answer this question, truthfully, you open a whole new level of consciousness.

And because we’re stuck in the delusion of not knowing what we want, we look around for ideas of what to want, and we get conditioned. Money allows us to buy our own mind-space back.

That’s why I firmly believe that money will give you the ability to spiritually express YOURSELF in the highest possible way, it allows whatever is in your mind to come out freely. Mind you, I mean money, not the love of money.

Money is a resource. Period. And it’s sole purpose of existence is to be resourceful enough to allow you to express yourself more fully & easily than you ever thought possible. When you have an abundance of money, you become the master of it & you finally allow your soul to express what it’s here to express. That is the true value of money.

That’s why with Gold For Life my first purpose with new students is to remove the pressure of “making this work NOW”. As soon as we get rid of that pressure, people act, effortlessly and generate results, because money no longer has a grip hold on their soul.

Most people are living a life where money has a grip over their soul’s true purpose.

That’s not the life you want, you want money because your spiritual expression increases with your amount of wealth. That might be hard to read for some people who have a low abundance of money but a high abundance of sitting, chanting, meditating and acting happy, while inside being deeply upset by their level of finances.

Money is important, it’s important because in this world we choose to live in, money is the representation of a transfer of value, and when you have abundance of it, your allocation of wealth in exchange of whatever you think is value is MUCH more powerful.

Bottom line is, money is just a resource, it allows you to do what makes you happy more often, with more impact and with more meaning.

Money is not the goal. It’s a tool to buy your mind-space back so you can set YOUR goal and not the goal the world set for you. That’s why every single person should be on the pursuit of financial abundance, not financial freedom, financial abundance.

What do you think? What is the purpose of money to you? How has it changed you? Would it let you express yourself better? Let me know in the comments.



2 thoughts on “What Is The Purpose Of Money?

  1. Wise words as always Minesh .The quality of one’s intention defines the course of your life, and you do need time to connect with this aspect of your being…..,as I say you have to get off the treadmill to know why you need to get off the treadmill…………
    Thanks again for clarifying this

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