One of the biggest things I’ve had to learn and come to terms with in my career is to realise that the world doesn’t change by force. It changes by example, but requires playing of the game already being played.

The other biggest thing I hear from skeptics of capitalism is “There is no spirituality in business”.

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Well in this one post, I’m going to sum up exactly how business plays it’s role in the overall spirituality of the world. This post has been uncomfortable to write, but it’s also the absolute truth. Let me know if it’s uncomfortable to read in the comments…

Tying business with spirituality, it has to become clear that money is created when you stop trying to change the world’s desire’s and you consciously shift to serving the world’s desire’s.

Does this mean give up trying to change the world? Yes. Does this mean it’s not your responsibility to shift the world away from the negatives you see happening and more into the positive? Yes. Does it mean that unless you’re delivering the message the world WANTS to hear, you’ll be broke? Most likely.

Let’s explore a little more.

So generally when we see people tied up in the mindset of “pushing an idea” onto the world, wanting to convince the world that their way of thinking is right is where we find the people trying to change the world. That’s great and has it’s place, but outside of business. There is no law in the universe which supports the creation of money as a result of the forced change of someone’s demand.

Money = Service of current demand.

At any time money is transferred, it’s transferred in the service of current demand. Demand can change, therefore the way money is transferred can change. However, money doesn’t transfer in the pushing of a new idea, only once it’s adopted.

Therefore a “market” is simply a collective consciousness that has adopted a unified idea. The most successful businesses are one’s that can penetrate and serve the widest root desire in the world. Competition from the customer’s perspective is quite simply “which flavour of the idea that’s being delivered do I like the best?”. If you can get a match on speaking the hearts of widest collective consciousness of customers and double that up with your flavour being the one that the most people love. Add those things together and you can predict how successful you’ll be in a venture.

If we want to be more spiritual, more conscious in business, along with “doing right” by the world, we need to shift our focus to the customer and figure out and adapt to the customer’s current state of desires better every single year.

Longevity is no longer loyalty. Longevity is your ability to speak to the customer’s ideals of life over and over again.

You can only do that when you stop trying to change the world and start serving the world.

That’s the basic spirituality behind business which you should know and be very conscious of. The problem is a lot of people I observe create businesses, create ideas, create ventures that serve the idea they want to push into the world, then are surprised when the adoption rate is slower than they want.

Next, I see a lot of “spiritual people” who have so much value to give in the world but stick their current spiritual dogma and continue pushing ideas and never actually serve what people want now. The reason they do this is quite simple, because at some level our ego tells us that the world is not in perfect order and the thoughts and ideas we have, if only everyone adopted them, the world would be perfect.

This is a lie. Every spiritual text ever written on this earth and distributed through time has one truth… There is always perfect order in the world. Always a perfect Ying/Yang balance. Even if you can’t perceive it.

If we want to be successful in business we’ve got to learn to give up thinking that God (as most of you that follow me know, I say God not referring to any particular man made deity, but consciousness as a whole itself) has it wrong, and the world is in an imbalance. The world is in a perfect balance right now, no matter how much anyone rejects that.

Out of the current perception of balance the world is in, and the observation of this by the collective, desire’s are birthed and intentions are set for a new world and then the world moves, perfectly balanced, in the direction of the collective intention.

I just got back from an amazing trip to New Zealand and I made a new friend, his name is Blair Gorman, and over a cigar & a cognac he said something so enlightened in such a succinct way…

“We continue to live in the delusion that anything we do is making a difference”.

The world has it’s order, when you’re doing anything in business but serving the world’s current desire’s, you’re failing the world and spiritually the world will squeeze you out.

Through the service of those desires of the world, whatever your judgement of them, the world learns, people get experiences and these new experiences resulting from you serving their current desires, lead to new desires.

And by trying to “change” the world and push ideas in business, you’re not only going broke, but you’re also not serving the world’s growth. They say only through an absence of love can the intention for love be born.

The serving of desire’s is the therapy the world needs to grow, regardless of your judgement of those desire’s & need to push your Change into the world.

The single biggest contributing factor to the success of any business is which desire is it serving and if the desire is not there, how fast can it be created, so that the business can serve that desire.

In business, the message the customer wants to hear is the most important thing you can identify and align with. Magic happens when you stop changing the world and start serving it.

Be the change you want to see in the world, that’s your flavour, then go and find out what the world already wants, whatever stage of conscious enlightenment, and find the most common desire, and embody it.

That is the spirituality of business. Let me know your thoughts in the comments…


9 thoughts on “Spirituality Of Business: Stop Changing The World, Start Serving The World

  1. Minesh. This post really 'got to me'. Triggered a lot.

    Before I start going on about my own opinions. I need to understand this fully.

    "Does this mean give up trying to change the world? Yes. Does this mean it’s not your responsibility to shift the world away from the negatives you see happening and more into the positive? Yes. Does it mean that unless you’re delivering the message the world WANTS to hear, you’ll be broke? Most likely."


    “We continue to live in the delusion that anything we do is making a difference”.

    I'm translating this as, don't give a sh** about whats important to you, in terms of contribution, because it won't make a difference anyway.

    Just serve what they want, and put your desires and wants for transforming the world on the back burner, until the world starts to accept them

    Is this accurate?

  2. No. What it means is, don't expect your contribution to equal money. Money is a translation of value, period. Value is only created when the message is received, not just because you want to ram it down the world's throat. Generally, when people are pushed down this world of "Contribution", they're taught to believe that whatever THEY want to push, will equal money. Thats not the case in reality.

    Let your contribution, in business, be the value the world wants. Find the angle.

    This doesn't mean you can't go and do other non-profit producing activities to contribute to the world. I'm strictly looking at this from a business point of view.

    Let's take Tom's shoes. They provide shoes. Cheap. People want them. Their particular "flavour" is that for every paid you buy, we'll give a pair to someone in the world who can't afford them. So they're serving the world what it wants, and changing it by living the change. Not ramming the message of "Give a pair of shoes away", but living it.

    Let your "flavour", your particular version, personality, be the change, live the change, but give the world what it wants in your offering. Play the game to change the game Sai.

  3. … it only means, do not make every …. "I don't say !" … thing(k) a theme of your life ! … better think about your "wife" or your "knife" or your "thrive" or your next "dive" … … …

  4. Minesh Got it, very clear distinction between the two.

    Actually extremely clear. creating Money. vs. Game changing

    You create money by serving the demands that the world voices, in a 'flavour' they love.

    But at the same time, creating that money with a personal strive to do something worth while. by Changing the game,

    That is worth living

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