I had one of those moments with someone recently where it felt like I was bringing everything my soul has to give to the moment, they were bringing everything their soul had to give, ego’s faded away and we could create freely through our hearts for the betterment of the world. It was so much fun and a rare experience in the world we live in today. An experience I’m addicted to. That drug of connection.

It happened when Romeo Marquez Jr interviewed me for his podcast, normally a 30 minute interview, we went for 1 hour and 12 minutes. I honestly think Romeo brought out the best in me and I helped bring out the best in Romeo. It’s my favourite interview thus far and that’s before we get to the content! The energy is contagious!

We spoke about money, we spoke about investing, we spoke about a few keys of investing, I revealed why I’m more inspired by Jay Z than Warren Buffett and we even spoke about Love and Women.

Listen in now:

Make sure you connect with Romeo and subscribe to his podcast, his heart soul and mind are so aligned and he comes with nothing but great intentions to serve lives and take them from fear to greatness. I promise if you let Romeo into your life you’ll feel that just in the first 30 seconds of the interview, let Romeo make you smile and let us inspire new ideas, new thoughts in this interview. I know you’ll love it so I had to log on to share it! And besides everything, I personally LOVE it, the energy is perfect for creation.

I hope you’re well, the universe is giving you everything you’re aligned to and happiness is flowing through you with the full intensity you deserve.

Minesh Bhindi



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