I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by friend and Host of “Project Inspire”, Ranjeeta Mohal, on UntangledFM.com

This was an interesting interview as it allowed me to open up a bit more than my usual Investing interviews… I really enjoyed it and more importantly covered a lot of important things about the foundations of success I’ve had to learn…

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Listen here, click play:

The demographic of the show is 14-25 year olds, even though it’s hugely beneficial for anyone who is seeking the mindset of success and/or wanting to find out more about me…

If you know any 14-25 year olds, please make sure you forward this interview with them, I spoke with the intention to inspire, guide and help them specifically, I’m sure they’ll thank you for it…

Let me know your thoughts, comments ideas or questions in the comments below…



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