This is the biggest lesson I’ve ever had to come to peace with in my 7 years of business. If you can get this, I can shortcut success for you by at-least 5 years.

Have you ever felt that people just weren’t receiving what you wanted to say, you put effort in, get everything right, articulate the message in a way which is truly inspired… and then people like it, congratulate you for it, but take no action and most importantly do not buy?

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We’re always taught by business guru’s that you’ve got to give to get, find out what you really want to give, focus on giving giving giving and the world will pay you back 10 fold.


But get ONE thing wrong, and it won’t be paying you back in Money.

The key thing to remember is that there are laws to the transaction of Money. The basic law is, I exchange money for what I want.

NOT – what you want me to want. For what I want.

In this blog post, I’m going to explain to you why dumbing down your words equals more money, and the amazing spiritual power that results in.

If you’re focusing on giving giving giving but no one is aligned to receiving that particular giving, then there will be no transactional value. You’ll be paid back in the form of congratulations, Facebook likes, applause, recognition and all of those delusions of reality.

The truth is, in business, there is only one reality – Profit. It symbolises the true value you brought to someones life. Making people smile is important, but making them give you money so you can input real changing value in their lives, is way more important.

Our job, if we want to be in business is identify what we want to give, and then align it in the way that the market & world’s current stage of development WANTS to receive, deliver on what they want to receive and then be paid for that.

When you can stop judging other’s wants with your intentions for their life, the world is yours.

IMG_6355I had this big ego issue where I wanted to prove how smart I was, I wanted to show the world how much I “knew”, I wanted to articulate my thoughts in the way I thought them. But, I really felt like the world only wanted me on the “stage” if I marginalised my thoughts and messages to the level of thought they were ready to accept.

As a result, I’ve been disconnected from major wealth.

By not “dumbing down my thoughts”, I’m actually doing the world a disservice by not allowing it to feel my message, simply because it can’t connect to it. The world has a spiritual path of development and if your message does not match the world consciousness, money can’t flow your way. So you have 2 choices:

1. “Dumb down” your thoughts and giving to the market’s willingness to receive & get wealthy.

2. Stay underpaid and express out into the public your message in your way with no adjustment.

Let me explain one thing, dumbing our thoughts down is actually a very smart and intelligent pursuit, it forces you to be a better thinker, a better articulator, and better visionary. A visionary is useless unless they can translate their vision to the masses. Dumbing down thoughts is not negative, which is what I felt it was for 7 years.

And… I had to make a decision as an entrepreneur and as a thinker, that is would I rather be underpaid or overrated? For me, it’s overrated. Not just because of the money.

I would much rather be overrated in the public perception of my “ability” but be wealthier. Why? Well, what is money. Money is a symbol of service to the world. Anyone who makes this choice is not turning their back on the world, this is actually serving the world better. The more money someone has, the more service and value they’ve provided to the world in the way the WORLD was ready to receive it.

Don’t judge the quality of anyone’s giving. If the world is buying it, it’s because they WANTED to receive that. Besides, that judgement is Karma’s job. If someone gives bad quality value and manipulates the world in a moment to take money, the world will balance their energy.

Give the world what it wants to receive, not what you want to give it, match your message to market, the sweet spot is matching your soul’s purpose to the worlds current stage of conscious development and constantly developing, that’s the core of brand management, it’s the core of staying relevant and it’s the core of getting wealthy.

So going into 2014, I will be “dumbing down” my messages, “dumbing down” my thoughts, “dumbing down” my talks, and creating more money than ever. It will also be the year in which we serve the MOST amount of people. That is the metric that’s most important at the end of your life.

I finally got over this mental hurdle, after 6-7 years, it felt like I was cheating the world by not giving it all of me, and in-fact, I was cheating it by denying it the part of me it’s so crying out for.

If you’re on your soul’s purpose, it’s not the world’s responsibility to understand you, it’s your responsibility to be understood.

It’s like a Doctor refusing to operate on a patient because the patient doesn’t understand medical school terminology.

The world has a flow, you can either navigate your way through the flow, or wait for the world to flow in your direction. Money isn’t created through the giving you want to give, it’s in the giving they’re willing to receive. Change happens with attention. by dumbing down your words, you get attention, once you have attention, now you can go in whatever direction of development you want.

Was I the only one stuck in this paradigm? Why does it feel wrong to “dumb down” your message? Let me know in the comments.


P.S. Know at-least one person not making the amount of money they should be? Maybe this perspective could help them, share it with them now.

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