Wow this year has been moving so fast!

I can’t believe this is only my first post of the year and it’s 22nd of March 2015! I’ve been so busy but I hope this write up of an absolute power centre I’ve discovered on the journey of continuing success will help you.

See, I’m now 9 years into my journey and only just learning that an absolutely integral part for me that has been wanting to be nurtured for years has been learning, discovering and coming to peace with Patience. The art of it.

Learning to respect Patience for what it really is and not what we’ve been told it is, which is mostly praying in the wanting of our intention coming to manifestation, has come for me as a result of a lot of frustration.

Constantly continuing to pull myself to understanding what it is and how it works has led me to feel the power of it.

I think Patience is a lesson anyone looking to achieve anything has to learn, whether you learn it from my experience or your experience, you will learn it. Otherwise you won’t succeed or your success will be short lived.

I’ve learned that Patience isn’t slowing yourself down, it’s not accepting reality for what it is and it’s not accepting a delay in your intention.

That’s how I believe we’ve been taught patience but that’s not how the universe displays Patience. When the universe is growing a tree the tree doesn’t get upset and have to calm itself down because it’s only 2 feet high and not a full tree yet!

By using Patience and really trying to hold myself there as much as I can I’ve had more inspired actions, more inspired results in the first 3 months of this year than in the whole of 2014.

Gold And Silver For Life has reached a point where everything I wanted to give to the world through that business is 2-3 months away from moving me out of the way, still keeping the same quality of service and being ready to scale and go and serve as many people as it can through our existing team and a couple new people I’m looking at bringing onboard now.

And we launched Reverent Capital which is an investment consultancy firm for High Net Worth Individuals and advisor to funds specialising in Gold, Silver and Real Estate investments. This is something I could see myself doing in maybe in 15 years time last year.

Also, I’ve been successfully meditating twice a day consistently, working out, eating well (okay, better) and getting massages regularly.

In addition, I’ve still been off Social Media, those that have been following me for a while now will know I maintained a once a week access only since last year. And my connection and ability to inspire my friends and the people I talk to, on the phone (yes, really, a phone! Weird in 2015, I know) and meet with has been astronomically better, and it wasn’t that bad before.

Above all of this, on a more spiritual level, my vision and focus are more clear and more precise and more accurate than ever.

Because of implementing the rules of Patience I’ve been learning and I’m about to share with you, this progress is flowing faster, more easily and effortlessly than I could have ever imagined a year ago.

I now know that mastering the art of Patience is more HOW you wait than the necessity to wait.

Rules of Mastering the Art of Patience

1. Have crystal clarity on what you’re looking to create.

You must, must, must have this. If you don’t then forget waiting for manifestation. If you can’t see in your minds eye the reality you want, it’s game over from the start.

What’s most important is that this must be an image that YOU have created, that’s not influenced by others and something that you truly want to create.

I’ll give you an example of a friend of mine who asked me to mentor him in his transition from one project to the next in business to really building a real business. He started off with an un-capped ambition, “I want to make MILLIONS”. All from observing people, that don’t do much else, on Facebook talking about projects they were hoping to do to make Millions. 

Got him off Facebook and limited his judgement of himself in comparison to others and within a couple of months he settled on a figure of $100,000 a month with this business he was SO passionate about.

About a month later, everything’s building towards turning the business into a real business, one he can leverage and suddenly Fear of Success crops up. Yes, that’s a real thing for those who don’t have it, it might sound like a joke, but it’s a real thing.

His fear of success stemmed from the belief that if this business really became what he wanted it to be he’d be stuck forever in managing it. So his ego kept bringing stuff up to stop it manifesting. Things like “oh I couldn’t do this last bit because my cousin’s came to stay for the week”. Bullshit excuses appearing real.

So we got on the phone as we do once a week and I asked him a few questions to bring out this belief and then I asked him “What if the business did $90,000 a month, would you be happy with that?” He replied “Yes of-course”, he does around $20,000 at the moment. 

When he said that it told me and should tell you that his earlier statement of wanting the business to do $100,000 a month is a number plucked out of somewhere else besides his heart.

You’ve got to really get in touch with what YOUR HEART wants. Obviously I’m giving revenue per month as an example here, but this applies to everything.

Anyway, few questions later, few analysis of what he’d give up the business for later and we settled on $45,000 a month, any less than that and he’d go find something else to do, at this level he had total control on when to close the business and free himself within 6 months and he was happy with that number.

See when we allow ourselves to be guided by false ambition appearing real, meaning we put things on ourself in the moment that just isn’t true to us, we harm ourselves.

So, I went through that long description to get clear to you how important it is to have pure clarity. Your hearts true desire.

Once you’ve got this you can move to the next stage.

2. Mentally condition yourself to the understanding that this is the only path that can manifest for you.

I don’t mean the illusionary steps of how to get to your vision that you think you know when I say “path”.

What I mean is the vision.

You’ve got to understand that this vision you have is the ONLY reality that’s a real possibility for you, HOW you get there is not your concern.

3. Practice aligned thinking.

Remember, if this reality that you saw in Step 1, is the only reality that can happen to you and for you and through you then everything that happens is actually serving you. 

This is going to be the hardest thing for most people to work on. But this is the key to mastering the art of Patience. 

The thing with most people’s approach to dealing with doubts arising is that every thought you pay attention and give energy to will continue to expand.

Most people spend time thinking about the doubts, worrying about them, asking why they have the doubts and analysing them.

I’ve learned that just rationalising around them very quickly is much more effective, less draining mentally and completely suffocates the doubt of air.

See your thoughts are like a train, and all the thoughts you’ve ever thought up to now are the carriages.

So if you decide to change the direction of that train and it’s a new direction, there’s going to be a period of adjustment. A train can’t just turn around and go in another direction. It has to slow down so that it can build momentum and accelerate in the direction of your choosing.

When faced with these doubts most people sell themselves on the false illusion of patience which is “okay, just ignore it, I know what I want”.

Which, in itself creates an undertone of more doubt and then it compounds and compounds and compounds.

Whenever something shows up that throws you off your certainty, slowly and gently bring yourself back to the knowing and acceptance that this is the ONLY reality that can be true for you and therefore this event/situation must be serving you somehow.

You’re not going to get it straight away, I’d say 3 weeks of consistently bringing yourself back to certainty once you’ve got clarity on a situation and you’ll have enough momentum to start doing it automatically.

This means that when non aligned thinking shows up your only job is to reign it back into alignment of thought and then practice Step 4.

4. Approach every moment with reverence, that is Divine Patience.

Reverence is a key term that’s been impacting my life for the last 6 months. It started when I read The Seat Of The Soul by Gary Zukav and has really impacted my day to day experience of life.

The official Oxford Dictionary definition of reverence is “a deep respect for someone or something”

Gary Zukav’s definition of the phrase “Reverence for Life” is: “the experience of accepting that all Life is in and of itself, of value; engaging in a form and a depth of contact with Life that is well beyond the shell of form and into essence; contact with the essence of each thing and person and plant and bird and animal.”

I want to take it one step deeper and call it Divine Patience which is the act of approaching every moment with a reverence and knowing that the very soul of that moment is of deep value to you and is serving you.

I’ve learned that when you can approach life with Divine Patience, here’s how it looks:

You know what is manifesting and unfolding for you in every moment and every situation or event that creates doubt is turned into an opportunity to learn because you know that something deep inside this very moment is there for you to serve you to assist the unfolding of that desire which you’re certain on.

Suddenly a calmness washes over you in every moment. Divine Patience sits in, you know that no matter what happens it is serving you and unfolding what you desired.

Now if something takes a little longer than it was meant to, you know that there’s a purpose in that time, you further align and prepare yourself. You now approach every moment in life with a reverence for it’s purpose and develop an awe for the universe’s ability to send you lessons now that you’re open and in a state of Divine Patience.

See, patience the way it’s taught to us in this world is the idea of hoping and praying the doubt you had will evaporate into thin air and what you wanted will work out.

Divine Patience is the idea of seeing the lesson in the doubt while not shifting your level of certainty and knowing.

Divine Patience is how babies are made, how trees grow, how animals are created and how the world keeps getting better and better.

Divine Patience gives you every ounce of Gold from ever moment of time that passes. We talk, think and I teach about money everyday and I just hope that people would realise that the only real wealth is time, everything is a game that you can choose to play or not.

But when you use Divine Patience you’re unlocking the divinity in every moment and you can pull out the ounces of Gold that are passing you in every moment by just injecting clarity, certainty and reverence into every moment. Your wealth is with you right now, the only question is, are you seeing it or are you blinded by the expectations of a world that’s conditioned you?

Practice tapping into Divine Patience in every moment for your intentions and watch the path light up so fast you’ll be wondering why you never saw it like this before. Every action becomes evident, every idea becomes inspired and every moment becomes a happy one.

I trust this lesson will help you if you understood it at some point in your life. Like I said, either you learn it or you’ll be taught it. I pray for you a guided, inspired, rich and wealthy 2015.

Until the next time, remember –

Divine Patience is not waiting in hope. It’s how you wait in knowing.

Minesh Bhindi



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