Interesting question right?

Let me ask you, what’s more important to you? Hard work? Or the result?

I’ve recently changed mine and had such a boost of productivity that I just wanted to share it.

Currently I have these things going on:

– New Gold For Life Webinar Funnel
– New Gold For Life 4 Step Education Funnel
– “Beat The System” Book Launch.
– Gold For Life Licence Release
– Worldwide Gold & Silver Investors Conference
– Corporate Admin
– filming & posts
– Improvements to current coaching
– New Gold For Life Mastermind Program.
– Current Gold For Life Platinum & Private Clients

And every single one of these projects requires my attention, penalty of not having a chief manager in place, which is a whole other blog post and will be corrected by next March/April.

So – why have I just taken the most drastic decision on “Work Ethic” which involves me basically doing only what I feel like doing 85% of the time? Because it makes you more productive, immediately.

Let me explain… we have a built in navigation system it’s called the Reticular Activating System. The RAS is a built in system for taking in all the information
reticular-activation-systemaround us and sorting them out for the most important thing we have to pay attention to. For example, within a crowd of people you can easily spot a familiar friend. You can see things that are important to you only. It highlights them.

So that tool, built into our brains, accompanied with a basic fact about the mind which is that the mind can’t distinguish what is real or what is imagined, makes for a productivity machine to be reckoned with, if you know how.

To put it simply, we have in our minds the tools to Imagine what we want, and only focus in on that specific goal and fade every other distraction out the of way within split seconds. Sound useful?

This is what I try and condition into the investors we coach at Gold For Life. How to see the investment succeed before it’s happened, so the minds scan of the price of Gold & Silver at the time of investing picks up that memory and highlights a good opportunity. Thats why we have a 92% success rate.

Anyway, so let’s look at how I’ve applied this to my work ethic to only guide me to do what’s needed.

1) First things first, you’ve got to know, clearly, what you want.

So the first thing I do, before anything, before moving or taking one step is to identify the exact picture of what I want to create. I use my process which I call Reality Storming, a mixture between life-design, goal setting and everything to do with spirituality and the law of attraction that I’ve learned from all the great people around me.

The key is to create on paper, in as much detail as possible, the end picture of what you want to create. When you think you’ve done it, go further into detail, challenge yourself and do this 4 times. Challenge yourself to completely see and understand every single detail of the image you want to create. See it, make it real. It is real. The truth is, if you don’t understand that once it’s seen in your mind, it’s real, this process won’t work for you.

That is how the mind creates, once you see it in your mind, you have to come to the knowing that it is done. It’s created. It’s real. Not spiritually in some la-la land of amazing positive thinking and hugs for your insecurities, IT IS REAL, and that’s proven by science.

Then go and experience that reality in your mind and do a reverse analysis of the actions you need to take to create that reality from where you are now, just jot the milestones down. Whether you or someone else has to do them, write them down.

Only proceed from this step once you can FEEL the intention has been created, when you know so much about what you’re creating that it’s just real & inevitable, any doubts at this stage, will kill progress.

2) Clear your work schedule permanently and take a day off. 

The most important part of this is to disable the conditioned part of your mind that’s currently filled with all the instructions and needs you have in your “work schedule”. Most people, including me, are attached to doing, even when the doing gets no results.

Hard work is way to overrated. Too many people value hard work over results. I’m in love with results.

So unapologetically clear your mind, take a day off and do something UNUSUAL, our aim is to mess with our internal circuitry that has an expectation of “working”.

3) Come to your work-space and close your eyes.

Close your eyes and spend 15 minutes visualising that Reality Storm or mind map you created in step one for every single one of your intentions, visualise being IN the end, having created that reality and feel the energy shift. If you’re doing it right, you should feel some change in the velocity of your energy internally, this in physics, is your “vibration”, as law of attraction-ists call it, changing.

Once you’ve done that, in that state, open your eyes, and look down the list of milestones for that project and as you see each one, ask yourself, “Do I feel inspired to do ____________ now?”. Pause and listen. If you feel an excitement, a pull to that particular thing, do it there and then and don’t stop until it’s finished.

If you don’t feel inspired to do that, look down the list and do the same for each one.

“What if you get to the end with no pull to do anything?” Move onto the next project.

“What if I don’t feel a pull to do anything?”

Don’t do anything, go and do something completely different and do not think about the “Work” or feel guilty for not doing anything.

Next day, return back and wait for the inspiration.

4) Constantly refine & duplicate.

All the time be refining, add more detail to your Reality Storms, add more information to it, become fascinated with creating before it’s happened. Refine your milestones too, see if anything else needs to happen that you’ve missed.

Crazy Right?

1262530_587112308002550_1131842168_oIt takes a brave person to do this, especially because most people are attached to doing rather than receiving. But if you want the easiest route to your intention, you HAVE TO let your intuition and internal natural guidance system take over your actions.

All I know is, in the last few weeks, I’ve done more in terms of progress than I’ve done in the last few months. Why? Because my mind is focused on the result and my actions are in direct assistance of the result, not for any other agenda. It allows my intuition to assist my reticular activating system to only allow me to do the actions which are needed, in the right time, in the right moment.

This is going to be uncomfortable. But try it.

Listen, when silence is present, clarity of thought arises, when clarity of thought arises, the right, most useful action arises. Don’t be attached to working, that’s the delusion, be attached to the result. You are defined by your results, not what you did to get there, no one remembers that in the end.

Work ethic is only valuable in the face of a clear intention.

Answer me something (in the comments below) – have you ever felt like you were working just to work? Do you feel comfortable trying this? How does it feel? Tell me your thoughts on this working style…


3 thoughts on “Is Your “Work Ethic” Stopping You Getting What You Want?

  1. When I do less I definatly get more done, but I’m really getting fed up with my partners comments as he has no idea of my hopes and dreams and mocks of taking me away in straight jacket. Erh
    I know and believe this is the way going forward, Law of attraction is the path I’m on and I know the right person will arrive to help me with my dream of recommending Gold and Silver stocks and learning to read financial statements.
    Any tips on proving him wrong and showing him I can realise my dreams and that anything is possible?

    1. Shelley – Normally people doubt us when there is some doubt living inside is, it’s a reflection of self doubt in my experience. So do Step 1, become even more crystal clear on what you want, hand the design to your partner and be certain about it. He’ll feel it when you do.

  2. Funny, I stumbled across your site..And I KNOW it’s not by accident. :-)
    I have been thinking about this subject and reminding myself daily.
    Now I have a road map of how to behave….BE….. Thanks for sharing :-)
    Do I feel 100% comfortable?
    I want to feel 100% comfortable yet the thoughts of being
    left behind creeps in and I feel valunrable.

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