How many times have you met people that talk about their intention for their life, but never actually do anything? Then you meet them a few months or years later, and they’re talking about a new intention, or the same but slightly changed intention? They still didn’t do anything, but they “thought” about what they wanted and changed their mind?

So many right… this is going to show you the psychology behind why that happens, and how to completely stop it from happening and how to make yourself a CREATION machine, not a furnace of intention, because while intentions are important, creations are what change the world.

This is a huge lesson I’ve learned particularly in late 2012 / early 2013 and excusing my use of profanity in the title & throughout this post, is one of the most valuable lessons I can share. Ready?

You see we walk through this life with people that surround us telling us we can have anything we want, we can do anything we want, the world is ours and just trying is “good enough”.

They tell us we just have to dream about what you want.

That is the first hit of “bullshit” inserted right into our bloodstream.

As we constantly get flooded with this type of imagery, where intention is more important than creation. Where your perception is more important than your reality. Where the life you talk about is more important than the life you live about.

Firstly this requires knowing what you want. More on that later.

The truth is, from my spiritual study, that intention EQUALS creation, the moment you intend, is the moment the product of your intention is created. However, the belief that we have to intend first and then the creation happens has sedated the world with a delusion that’s just frankly amazing. We’ve made the world happy standing in one place, getting nothing done, and satisfied in the simmering of intention.

The problem with believing that intention is separate & more important than actual creation is that too much focus on perfecting intention confuses the mind because of the variety we have when our eyes are closed.

The world is designed to confuse you. Confusion IS the delusion. Variety causes confusion. Have you ever intended something, started thinking about it and sitting with it and then found that your intention changes very quickly or that the variety of possibility to you suddenly starts overtaking your mind?

This short-circuits the very mechanism which right from The Book Of Wealth all the way to Outwitting The Devil has said is one of the most single unbreakable laws of success. The power of definite thought.

When you simmer in the intention, constantly changing, constantly shifting the creation you want, your mind falls for the comfort of having that intention manifest in the future and…

Day-dreaming makes you FEEL good. 

Closing your eyes and feeling the vision, makes you FEEL good. It’s the same as being sedated on laughing gas, the reality around you disappears and for a brief moment you’re sucked into the world of the possible, where anything literally is possible and all attachments to your current world disappear.

How could this NOT feel good?

And then the world tells you, as long as you’re feeling good you’re on the right track, so you come out of this delusion, feeling good, and wait for the reality to manifest.

Sound about right?

So then one day, you get an idea that tells you to take a certain action, you do that action and suddenly you feel bad. Now you get scared and retreat back in to the world of delusion, where the story of intention you’re telling yourself is much sweeter than the sweat of your hard work in the direction of the action.

You attach yourself to that forever changing, indefinite intention and hold onto it, almost in a state of conventional prayer, pleading with the world around you.

You feel amazing again, and then repeat the same process. 5 years later wondering why nothing’s ever manifested into reality.

The truth is, until the ACTION that you take, as a result of the idea you manifested as a result of feeling good, FEELS GOOD, nothing will manifest.

Your sweat better taste good to you if you want to get anywhere close to a life worth living.

There is nothing more nobler, nothing more powerful and nothing more satisfying than the execution of an idea in the direction of your intention.

But then for that to happen, you must actually WANT the reality you’re intending to manifest. The want is RIGHT when the WORK feels good. That is detachment through clarity or much rather certainty.

I want you to step out of the delusion of the bullshit you’re feeding yourself, I want you to grasp the concept of creation. Fall in-love with your hard work. This is why every successful person has said “you must love what you do”.

Just read that quote again from this new understanding, you must LOVE what you DO.

Not love what you want to create, not love what you want for your life, not love what your intention. LOVE what you DO. Not love the perception, love the creation.

If everyday you’re not doing what you love, in the day to day actions, the day to day work, you’re walking in the wrong direction.

Instead of retreating to the justifiable public identity your intentions give you as a human being in this world of delusion where you’re always striving, never arriving, always wanting never receiving, always intending, never creating, align your work to your heart.

I LOVE waking up and speaking to investors and helping them out-think the rest of the world in terms of their money in the Gold For Life business. I love that. Hence, now that I’m aligned day-to-day, any intention I set will be effortless because the creation has already happened. So all I’m waiting for is the divine direction of inspiration.

Stop falling for the lie and delusion that the image in your head is more important than the creation you’re here to manifest & reveal to the world.

Bringing this back full circle, it comes down to knowing what you want.

The only way to know what you want is to set the intention and then GET TO WORK. This is why one question I remember reading from Tony Robbins in 2006 has stuck with me, “What one action can you take before leaving the place of setting the goal?”.

Knowing comes from feeling. There is no better barometer for your feelings than THE WORLD responding to you. And what allows the world to respond to you? ACTION.

Action creates momentum, momentum creates drive, drive creates an aligned one definite thought and one definite thought CREATES.

Allow the world to bring out of you the purpose for which you are manifested here. That is a development process, not a decision making process.

The smell of the bullshit you’re telling yourself (your intentions) CANNOT be sweeter than the taste of your own sweat (your creation). But your ego, your fears and your insecurities will always keep you in your mind, than receptive to the divine guidance.

As one of my friends Gina says “stop worrying about making mistakes, move foreword, re-align and move foreword again until you’re happy”.

Stop living in your mind and embrace the world as your biggest mirror, because it alone has the truth you need to move foreword.

The master knows that inspired actions are the only way to manifestation. Trust your heart and when it says ACT, act. Don’t be afraid of the consequences, that’s the sharpening.

Implementing This Lesson:

1. Set & hold a clear intention.

2. Wait for inspired action & move forward. DO NOT re-adjust the intention once set based on questions or doubts that arrive which are purely mental.

3. Adjust your intention or maintain your intention depending on how you feel DURING taking the action. If the WORK doesn’t feel good, change the intention, it’s not aligned to your soul, if it does feel good, you’re on the right path for the next piece of guidance.

Make your intention as precise as possible, and then let your feelings guide you to your end destination, not ‘What if” questions. Embrace the power of definite thought & stop smelling your own delusion and taking it for reality.

Now – most people read and follow me because they want more money. So here’s a clue to the biggest lie of our “elevated consciousness community” (no ego is alive in that statement is there?)… Anyway, the lie – “Money CAN Be Intended”. It can’t. And if reading that just made you go “But I want money, how can it not be intend-able, I really want money, Minesh you’re wrong, of course I can intend money, can’t I?”. You’re living in the delusion & your “bullshit” is currently smelling like roses covered in honey. Not one person on this planet can teach you how to “intend money” and if they say they can, with the intention of money being the only goal, they’re in living in the delusion too.

The problem with intending money and the immutable law of why it can’t happen is that it assumes that life is painful until the money arrives. Life is not meant to be painful UNTIL the manifestation happens. That’s the delusion of the chase. But that’s for another blog post…

“Money will not purchase happiness for the man who has no concept of what he wants.” – Ayn Rand


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One thought on “Is The Smell Of Your Bullshit Sweeter Than The Taste Of Your Sweat?

  1. Inspired action has been the biggest learning lesson For me, out of these blogs Minesh.

    Action without intention is mindless, and I find myself going into that a lot, which is why realigning with my intention becomes the greatest driver. i.e. just today, ‘all of the greats, had to do it, to be great I must as well’.

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