Ray Kurzweil, said by Bill Gates to be “the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence.” has said that if you can live to 2029, there will be advances in technology, particularly medicine, to allow you to have the choice to “live forever”.

Now, let’s say that doesn’t happen, being the ultra conservative investor I am. But, let’s say that people healthy and alive by 2029 will be able to just extend their life to 120, 140, 160.

That’s an increase of a minimum of 38 years to 78 years of LIFE, healthy, vital life, more than what most expect to have now.

My question as an investor, as an entrepreneur, as a problem solver and creator is, how, once the expectation of that is mass market, because we’re only granted life by our expectation of it…

How will life decisions change?

How would the money you make today be used differently? How would the relationships we pick today be different? How would the nutrition we choose today be different?

If you knew you had 78 EXTRA years to live, consider these questions:

Would you pick a career you didn’t like?

A partner you weren’t 100% sure about?

Worry about impressing the Jones’?

Take time to enjoy the world more?

Would you spend money the same way?

Would money be the same?

How would we conduct business?

Would you beat yourself up about not achieving the same way?

Would you be easier on children?

Would you allow yourself to be more happier?

Would you love differently?

Would the world think more collaboratively than competitively?

Would our fundamental economy Competitive to Collaborative?

I hope, the sudden abundance of time will wake those currently sleeping from their hypnotic rhythms awaken and question everything, because it’s only through the questioning can we see more for us.

We live in the most abundant, most positive and most expansive time in our history, and our expectation of it determines the direction it goes in.

The great news is…

There is a strong, intense, focus on Quantum moments that will lead humanity to transcend it’s current state of fear.

This focus on the positive is outstripping everything we’ve ever seen in history and these questions, these thoughts are leading the creation of life before us.

Your focus, your expectation creates the reality around you, makes the choices around you and dictates the direction of the footstep you take next.

As investors, entrepreneurs, human be-ings and deliberate creators, stop for a moment and really think, if you knew you were going to live to 160 years…

What would you do differently today?

Minesh Bhindi

One thought on “How Would Your Decisions Today Change If You Knew You’d Live To 160?

  1. I have been aware for several years that medical knowledge is advancing in the area of longer, active, healthy lives. Although I am no chicken I still know I have every possibility of living another 40 to 50 years. Therefore, my present decisions are based on this strong possibility. In fact, most of my friends are 20-25 years younger than me and do not seem to understand why I am so different from their mothers. (No botox, no facelifts!!!)

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