Ever since we were young we’ve been told to focus on our weaknesses.

In school, if you get an A* in English but are getting a D grade in Maths, did they tell you “Forget the Maths, show much how awesome your English studies can get?”

No, we get told to drop everything else and focus, put hard work, pain sweat and tears into getting that Maths grade up. No matter how good we are at English, our teachers, our parents, our friends, our own self image looks down and pays full attention on the fact that we’re not doing great at Maths.

What sort of negative self image society have we built?

Is it any wonder that depression rates keep going up, mental health issues are the highest they’ve ever been, employment rates amongst young people are a joke, employment prospects for young people are scary and we’re all walking around looking at the negatives of life, wondering when the next explosive is going to go off, worrying about politics that don’t concern us?

All the while we’re living in a  time of so much abundance relatively it’s just unbelievable.

Did you know that we live in a time where the average person is living one third of a life longer than just 50 years ago?

Did you know that the levels of poverty in the world are collapsing faster than ever due to all the advancements we’ve made in the last 50 years? In-fact the number of people living in absolute poverty has dropped by HALF. The United Nations shows that poverty was reduced more in the last 50 years than in the previous 500. That’s AMAZING.

We live in an age that’s experienced more freedom, more opportunity, more leisure time, more luxury, more education, more health, more travel and more abundance than any other period in history.

I mean affordable mass commercial air travel only succeeded less than 50 years ago in 1958 with Boeing’s 707-120. The first jet to carry 180 passengers, cruise at 600mph and go for 5,280 miles without stopping.

We live in a world that’s amazing, even in recent history, do you even remember phones before the iPhone? How about computers before Windows? iPhone changed the landscape for communication and business in under 3 years from inception. I remember flying to Chicago and buying my first iPhone when they because Apple wasn’t big enough to scale a UK launch at the same time as a USA launch!

Now I regularly spend days without a computer, doing all meetings, all webinars, all emails, all writing, podcasts, everything, FROM MY iPHONE!

That’s amazing freedom, amazing innovation.

And even more recently, in-case you haven’t realised, Elon Musk and Tesla Motors actually put cars with nothing but ELECTRICITY powering them on the road. And they created a sustainable network (almost) worldwide already to allow people to only drive on electricity!

This is pretty much in the last 10-15 years, and there’s so much more. One example, I can now get blood work to monitor my own health, including all advanced tests that only “special” labs had access to for $700 NOW.

The time we live in is simply amazing, but the reason why I’ve invested this time in the beginning of this post really showing you this is to show you people who have harnessed their strengths and broken up with their weaknesses.

Working on Strengths = Greatness

The people that have driven these innovations and created these huge changes in the world are people who have decided that it’s okay to never worry about their weakness, that there will always be a solution for their weakness, that the strengths are the only thing that matter.

That “hard” is not the path to great rewards.

We’ve seen evidence over and over and over again…

The real problem with trying to work on your weaknesses is that it’s demoralising, it’s hard work, it’s frustrating, it’s suffocating and it ruins self esteem.

Now, before there’s an uprising, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have a level of literacy, I think every person needs to know the fundamentals. But beyond that…

It’s harmful to the soul to work on weaknesses, and ultimately if we’re creating a world where people are not working on their strengths and suffocating their soul by trying to work on their weaknesses…

We’re creating a weak world where while all these amazing innovations are happening, less and less people are able to take advantage of them because they’re just too damn busy beating themselves up for not being “good enough”.

Even Einstein agreed:

Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.”
– Albert Einstein

Effortless creative pursuits are pursuits of potential, potential is strengths.

Reading, consuming, actually continuously consuming information trying to achieve some sense of self esteem just so you feel good enough before you allow yourself to start pursuing your soul’s potential is… a waste.

And actually in this era, it’s uncompetitive, because now more than ever, you better get your self esteem straight, you better get your self belief straight because I tell you what, there are enough hungry, ambitious people in this global world that know they deserve it, have been rewarded by working on their strengths and are not slowing down.

How many people do we know now that are getting rewarded repeatedly to create YouTube videos, to create software that connects people, to create services and businesses and be part of missions where they get to spend their time only working on their strengths?

A Facebook, an Apple, an Uber etc etc, even whoever your most favourite YouTub-er or fashion or online health and fitness yogi/guru, are not being rewarded for doing things that they hate.

We live in a time where you need to get clear an understand, when you get happy, the universe get’s behind you.

Let me give you one example from the last few months, because I’ve only really grown into this and really thought it all the way through recently. Gold And Silver For Life just brought a new team member into our mission. She’s taking care of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. Her name is Rakhee.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself and one of my weaknesses, I’ve created 4 (maybe 5) strategic partnerships since 2010 for Gold And Silver For Life, I’m not “good” at it. It’s not my strength. I get pleasure, joy and happiness from strategic thinking, creative planning, creating value for clients, smart investing and breaking down ideas (like these) so everyone can apply them.

By the way, to show you just how terrible I am, these 4-5 were people I’ve met while travelling and speaking and doing business around the world. Only 4 or 5 since 2010 out of the hundreds (maybe thousands) I’ve met.

In Rakhee’s first MONTH, she’s got, 48 open conversations for potential partnerships.

And 5 partnerships already DONE. Again, FIRST month.

What has this created? Well, it’ll create more revenue for the company, it’ll create flood of revenue for Rakhee because she’s not only working on her strengths, but she’s now allowing me and everyone else in the team to only work on their strengths to accelerate the progress we make, it’ll help way more people as more people decide to become clients, we’ll add significant revenue to our partners businesses, the rest of my company is now more productive, the Partners are now more happy and excited than ever, not only because they’re making more money but because she makes them feel great and really lets them into the mission we’re working on…

…and why did this all happen? More importantly, why did it all happen so FAST?

Because it created FREEDOM… and JOY… and EASE…

She’s working ONLY on her strengths. She LOVES doing what she does, it’s not work to her, it’s play.

Now it’s not easy, I’ve had to rethink, reorganise, restructure and create an environment for our team where every person is working at-least on 85% of the time on their strengths ONLY. We’re transitioning, soon it’ll be 100%, or as physically close to it.

It takes thought, it takes time and it takes effort. I had to really sit and think through Rakhee’s strengths, what the role required and really create a support structure and systems to make sure she wasn’t, isn’t and won’t be held back from just focusing on her strength.

All I can say is that when you do, when every person is working fully on their strengths, getting rewarded for their strengths and feeling part of a worthwhile mission that fills them with life and ease and rewards that go way beyond money…

Something magical happens.

I have never ever in the last 10 years, experienced the level of freedom, love and happiness in my business than in the last 3 months. It’s changed everything for me personally and in every business. My job, focus, desire everyday now is to wake up and think “what can I do to make sure everyone in the team is only working on their strength?” and it’s been amazing.

Because when I do that, I get to spend the whole day doing only what are MY strengths.

I believe we must move to world where we support people’s strengths, we demand people focus on going the length of their potential, their genius and we cultivate an emotional world environment where high self esteem and high self confidence is a basic fundamental.

I believe that when we choose to only work on our strengths we cultivate a co-creative world which works as it should in this one consciousness with every creative component being in it’s perfect place, in it’s perfect balance, with a perfect expression, happy and fulfilled in it’s perfect position displaying the full beauty & potential of this connected universe.

An orchestra, like none other.



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