Everybody has greatness within them. Even in the bible it’s said ” The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” and every un-altered religious script has this same understanding. So why are so many people on this planet living without the knowing of this power they hold to create the world around them…?

Because we’ve been deluded into thinking that the world around us, is all there is, that we can’t affect, literally AFFECT the world around us. We’re taught and conditioned to be grateful for what we receive, not be grateful for what we can create.

After studying the stories of a lot of “World-Changers” there’s one correlation, they all had ONE moment, in which the very fabrics of the illusionary universe that they were put in, fell away…

And this post… is the story of my moment…

Have you ever wondered why I have the “audacity” to intend so big on the My Intentions page? What’s behind that?

I thought I’d take a step back and actually explain and walk through how this whole journey into manifestation began for me.

You might have read the “Why” page on this website but only about 5 people in the world at the time of writing this know HOW.

I want to tell you how I realised that I was actually in control of my manifestations, that I could decide and then that precise manifestation be brought to me.

Note: This is going to be a LONG post full of stories about Jay-Z, mystery women, crazy trips to Canada to watch a concert, intentions, Champagne, clubbing and the most important thing, the knowing. Grab a smoothie.

I trust that everyone following this path has their own “YES” experience. That moment when understanding turns into knowing, when all doubt disappears, when your consciousness finally expands to accept that you are the master of your external world and you decide what gets put in it.

Whether you’ve had this experience or not yet, it happens. In a single moment, everything changes. Remember light is just the flip opposite of darkness. A flip.

I’m not going to hold anything back here, this is all the truth.

To explain to you how this knowing came about, I have to take you back a few years.

the_secret_-_dvdBetween 2006-2007 I watched the movie The Secret and had two feelings immediately pop up.. “Yeah right” and “This sounds interesting”.

I then went about for the next few years writing down goal lists and creating vision boards and after about December 2010 I sort of “forgot” about the idea. Nothing really had manifested the way “The Secret” had said i.e. Sit and meditate and watch money fall on you. So I concluded that the answer was a goal & hard work & a bit of luck.

And what an ignorant thought that was!

So anyway… We get to November 2010 and I start reading Dr Wayne Dyer & Deepak Chopra books.. Mainly for understanding meditation and it’s practices but inevitably the idea that you’re the master of your universe kept coming back… Again & again.

So by March of 2011, I was walking around, a self realised “MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE” as far as everyone else was concerned (I “may” have had a little ego THEN!).

Except the problem was, nothing was so called “manifesting” the way The Secret said it would all those years ago.

So after telling everyone they could be the master of their universe, control their thoughts & set their desires, but having nothing to show for the magic working (I had this annoying NEED to prove myself then), I just focused on spirituality.

Deepened my understanding of what the soul is, how the relationship works between the soul & the world. Generally what it takes to live a God Consciousness Realized life.

And then the “crazy” started happening. Are you ready?

October of 2011, my favourite artists Jay-Z & Kanye West announced their USA & Canada tour of their latest album Watch The Throne.

I was so excited that after not seeing them post European dates at this time I told my assistant to be ready at launch time, when tickets go on sale, I want Las Vegas, MGM Grand, VIP tickets (limited to 20 per show). I also told her if they sell out, then go to the LAST show date and book VIP regardless of where it is in the world.

She came back and said “I got the tickets! But you’re not going to Las Vegas!”

Here’s me thinking… “Okay, so New York? Miami? LA?”

“Vancouver, Canada in December” she replied.

I’d never been to Canada at this point, in my mind, it was 10 feet of snow in December. That’s the extent of my knowledge about Canada at that time.

I call my friend Ryan, call my brother Dharmesh, we speak for 30 seconds, and errupt in excitement, we were so high on adrenaline we couldn’t to fight the “snow” of Canada! We were flying literally half way around the world, to watch a CONCERT.

On that day, I turned to my friend Ryan and said “we’re going to party with Jay-Z you know that right?”. He looked at me with a look of “I think you’ve got too much adrenaline!”.

Anyway we forget it all & it comes to the 13th of December, I’m flying out on the 15th.

I never ever go clubbing or any sort of partying that isn’t Champagne, Jazz music, silk dresses & suits. It’s just not me to clubbing.

But Ryan & my brother definitely wanted to go, espexcially after concert night, so I open up Facebook & start looking for parties in Vancouver & making notes of venues.

Note: The next part may be viewed as sexist, immature & rude, but I’m taking that risk to show you the power of what you have in your mind.

Then the male ego inside me said “I wonder what the women in Canada are like?”

I went onto Facebook people search and searched for women under 25 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Up came a list of women. I went through it. Just like a man would. I’m not going to spell it out for you because it embarrases me, the level of respect I have for women now is unparralleled. The now me wouldn’t associate with the then me on this topic.

I go through about 16 profiles and then I see a girl, who’s looking up at the camera and her eyes just absolutely drew me in.. After clicking through a couple pictures I returned back to that one, and left a thought “I would love to meet that girl”. Closed my laptop and went to bed!

Let’s jump to we’re in Canada! Which is absolutely NOT snowing, we were way overdressed in terms of jumpers etc. Turns out, Vancouver isn’t Toronto. Who would have thought right!?

We’ve spent a great couple days, and it’s concert time.

We were in VIP so had to get there early, we took the complimentary hotel car and were with the VIP ticket escort going through security in no time at all.

We get shown to our seats, which were great by the way, and my brother and Ryan head to the bar to get a drink.

On their return, we realised we still had about 45 minutes before Jay-Z hit the stage, so we left the concert hall and went to the bar.

We come up the stairs on the right, head to the bar straight ahead. My brother goes looking for a toilet, and me & Ryan are stood at the bar, there’s a girl sitting by herself and 2 stools next to her, we ask if we can have them, she says says, we sit down and order & start talking about Jay-Z lyrics.

About 2 minutes in, another girl shows up and asks the girl next to me “you gave away my stool!?” To which her friend sitting down bursted out laughing and I felt really bad and immediately offered it back!

In the end we decided to share stool, introduced ourselves and found out what they did & if they’re “True” Jay-Z fans!

Turns out they only won tickets to the show THAT day and were so excited, but for Kanye West!

Anyway, long story short, we spoke, I exchanged numbers with the girl who’s stool I’d “stolen”, there was just something really nice about her energy, she handed me her phone & asked me to add myself on her Facebook and we fled back to our seats, 10 minute warning to start time!

224011_10151174270676593_704622875_nThe concert is AMAZING. We are super hyped up, voices almost gone, last 20 minutes of it happening, my friend Ryan approaches Kanye Wests people who are in VIP to ask them which club they’re going to afterwards. They tell us the name of a club that doesn’t even play hip hop music. This was what’s known as a “blow off”.

So anyway, concert finishes, we get ready to leave, look at the exit route and there’s about a thousand people trying to exit.

Ryan turns around and in a sheer moment of genius/balls/ambition mixed into one, approaches the “tunnel” at the back of the VIP seating, Jay-Z has just walked through here to get to his wardrobe, we have VIP, not backstage passes.

The security guard doesn’t even bat an eyelid and lets us through!

So now there’s 3 of us, hiding our badges walking past Kanye West’s wardrobe on the left, Jay-Z’s wardrobe on the right.

Standing about 20 feet away, feeling like 13 year old girls waiting to see Justin Bieber, looking like tough guys trying to fit in. It was a funny experience! I hadn’t felt that in 10 years!

So anyway, one security guard walks past, no problem, Kanye West’s crew that we met in VIP walks past, no problem… And suddenly, out of nowhere another member of security walks past, turns around comes back and says “can I see your badge please?”.

Very quickly, after about 5 minutes of arguining and threats of physical removal, we were escorted out of a side excited.

Dissapointed, pissed off and just annoyed. My friend Ryan saw this and said “you know what, we came here, we had a great time, so what we didn’t see him, lets just go and have fun, screw the club they mentioned, we’re going to the only Hip Hop club in Vancouver, even if no Jay-Z, atleast we’ll have fun!” (We don’t listen to the music where you just stand there and bounce up and down).

He goes off communicating with the Hotel concierge to have our car pick us up at a different exit and my eye falls on these two girls, one girl has had the time of her life, she’s drunk, and her friend is trying to help her.

I normally never even have the will or the need or intention to speak to anyone who’s even a whiff of drunk, but something told me to speak to them, Ryan gets the car, horns, and me and brother without even flinching ask the girls “would you like to come with us”.

They replied yes, now we’re all in the car, now Diana, the girl who I thought was drunk had her eyes closed and she was obviously going through some form of “meditation” that returns you to soberness, because she didn’t open her eyes at all… Ryan mentions the club name, the driver says “that place is going to have a queue around the corner”. We’re from London, at this point we don’t have any connections to get us inside the club.

Suddenly Diana opens her eyes in a flash and shouts “my friend handles VIP there, I’ll get us a table!”. She’s wide awake.

Me, Ryan & my brother look at each other as if to say “yeah right”.

She didn’t lie. We stopped outside the club, queue has 300 people in it outside, security walks us straight to our table upstairs in VIP that Diana had arranged.

We order a couple of bottles of Champagne, the bottle pop’s the glasses pour, I shake Ryans hand ok an amazing trip, chink Champagne glasses……….

And Jay-Z walks into the club and sits down on the sofa next to us, gives us a Champagne salute.

We partied with Jay-Z that night.

What was funny was, even though we had all the amazing distractions that come in a club for guys partying with Jay-Z, surrounded by bottles of champagne, I was silent, sat on the sofa, any ounce of idolism I had for Jay-Z was converting in that moment to respect, pure and utter respect. That night, I saw that spiritual knowing in Jay-Z’s eyes too. And it made me realise we’re the same, all the “greatness” and inspiration I saw in him, was in me.

I was ready to leave, I didn’t need it anymore, I had the proof I needed, I manifested a super star soul, across the earth, how did security end up letting us slide past, how did we get caught in THAT moment, how did we get escorted out of THAT gate, how did we bump into THAT girl (Diana), how did she have the connection to get into the precise club we needed? How did we sit on the sofa NEXT to Jay-Z. WAIT – How did we miss all other tickets and go for VANCOUVER, CANADA?!?

Just want to say thanks to that security guard for throwing us out, and to Diana for getting us into the club at the perfect time and the perfect way.

I’m sitting there in amazement as this knowing started flooding my soul.

But, that wasn’t the end of the night.

We stayed in the club until 5am & then got a taxi back to the hotel.

Sun is rising, I stumble into my room after a last hotel lobby celebration & proceed to Facebook to “tell the world” that I’d manifested Jay-Z!

And I saw that girl from the concert bar’s friend request on Facebook, decided I’d accept and check her out…

6 am in Vancouver, Canada at the Fairmont Hotel, her profile loads… and its the same girl, big bright eyes, looking up at the camera. Same girl I said “I’d love to meet her” back in London before leaving.

At that moment I fell silent. Completely and utterly still. I could’ve heard a pin drop, it was almost like all of consciousness had focused itself into my mind, I just remember sitting there looking into her eyes on the screen…

And in that moment my soul screamed and came to peace with the knowing that it was trying to show me. My consciousness evolved.

You explain to me how she won tickets to THAT show on THAT day, tell me how she was at THAT bar, not the 6 others in the venue, how she was at THAT stool, at THAT time and why we immediately hit it off.

Forget Jay-Z, a superstar who’s intinerary we could have “predicted”, you tell me how I looked at a girl on the other side of the world, set the intention to meet her and she showed up.

Her name was Harleen. And her presence was the magic, the catalyst & the idea that flipped the switch for me. Without her being there that day, I wouldn’t have been on this journey of spirituality and coaching people to do the same. She, single handedly, just by following her flow and not doubting it, set in motion the creation of the Minesh Bhindi that you see today and the Minesh Bhindi that wil help millions of people & set in course an evolution on this earth that will change he lives of billions of people over his lifetime.

I was lucky & blessed enough to tell her a year later of her role, and even though I don’t speak to her anymore, not a day goes by where that moment of realization, that moment of connected synchronicity & universal power don’t cross my mind. I’m even scared to think where my life would be if she wasn’t there then. That single moment led me to discovering my purpose and evolving into who I’m “meant” to be on this planet.

They gave me what I needed to become who I am, and I’ll aways be grateful for her role in the universe’s demonstration of my power. Of your power. Of everyone’s power.

Jay-Z gave me the confidence, Harleen showing up sealed the knowing. These two souls shall forever be in my heart. It was really after this experience that amazing things started manifesting for me, if you look at the “My Intentions” page you’ll see the dates that those things manifested were in perfectly alignment to the “knowing” that had been created.

After that moment, I started searching the earth for the deepest most authentic text on consciousness. I wanted to know the truth, I wanted to go as far back in history and learn the lessons of consciousness. And that is my continuing journey. Always will be. For myself, for my world.

So now you’ll understand, when you read the My Intentions page, why I have the certainty to set these intentions.

You are the master of your universe. The magic lies within. All you’ve got to do is accept it.

Have you had a magic “moment” of knowing on your journey? Share it with me below in the comments, would love to hear your feedback! The seen, the seeing and the see-er are the same, so when you’re ready, the world finds a way to let you know what’s waiting for you just on the other side of the door of this new consciousness. It’s amazing. Get the knowing, everything flows after that.

You are the master of your universe, everything you want is possible, you just have to be willing to contemplate the possibility and detach from the current illusionary solidity of the world you’re in. Look around, right now, look around where you are today, someone created that world and everything in it, so why can’t you create tomorrows?





P.S. I fell in love with the magic of Vancouver on this trip and it is now one of my favourite cities on the planet, go there, it’s beautiful and just take in the energy and magic of the place, in-fact I think I want a Canadian wife! Gives me an excuse to go there regularly!

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  1. i love this ‘magic’ and its good to write this stuff down as you can froget how amazing it really is.You asked to share stories, well here;s one of my early ones.
    I went to an Avatar course for the first time and it was so amazing I really wanted to attend the next follow up course.I needed £2500 for this and did not have a penny saved and my credit cards were maxed out…so I thought about selling my car and spent a few weeks cycling everywhere just to test I could manage without it…and put an advert out in the paper and in our local paper shop…someone called and wanted it over the phone as long as it was as described(no photo ads in those days ).they were coming with the cash the next day.Then I get a knock at the door and a friend arrived asking why I was selling my car (they saw the ad in the local shop and recognised my name)…I told them why I wanted to sell it and they said you can’t sell your car, you need it to get the kids around so they offered to buy it from me and sell it back to me for £1 ….I still pinch myself when I remember this one .

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