In this episode, I sit down with a friend of mine, Peter Halm, to talk about the “priorities” of success. As you’ll hear, in our travelling together I’ve learned a lot about “balance” and prioritisation from Peter and he’s one of my very good friends.

We also get into some interesting discussions and conspiracy theories along the way, so I’m sure you’ll love it…



If you’d like to connect with Peter – Click Here for his Facebook


2 thoughts on “A Conversation On Success With My Friend Peter Halm

  1. Wow what a fab chat, you two sound just like me and my group of girlfriends chatting. It’s so refreshing to hear people chatting lthe same things as us. We thought we were all mad!!
    Met you at South Lodge last year with my mum couldn’t get me on the course but got Andy’s books. I have read them a few times and love them.
    Wish you did a fund that you took a percentage for small time investors as at present I have a fifty pound a month tracker fund and wish I could put it in Minesh tracker instead. This would be great for small time investors as I would love to see everyone put a small amount into Gold and Silver to protect the masses as not many people are on this journey yet. This would help so many more people and get the Gold and Silver story out there.
    Thanks for the great podcast I feel uplifted and glad to hear someone who thinks as I do,could listen to the chat all night.
    Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for listening Shelley! Of-course I remember you! That’s really why I started this personal podcast outside of Gold For Life, to really give people an insight into “not just the investing”.

      I’ve thought about dong a fund like that but it’s just impractical and the infrastructure legally just isn’t solid enough to allow us to do that… And to be fair, it’s just much easier to go buy Gold or Silver at that level of investment as my fee alone would probably make the investment ineffective…

      I’m thinking of doing a free e-course to help people set up a Gold & Silver savings account with a small monthly investment like that. Along the lines of exactly what you’re doing!

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