I wanted to write this post because I did a radio interview scheduled to be put out next Wednesday and something came up which I know a lot of successful people get asked.

I was asked to share my story and then the inevitable question I get after this, in any interview is, but what about those people that didn’t have their Dad to guide them, what about those people that weren’t in the “right place”, what about those people who don’t know how to get in touch with people that inspire them.


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These are all excuses. They are ways for a small part of your mind, called your ego, to separate you from the reality you are trying to identify with to keep you the same, and safe. All change is dangerous to the ego.

This is very important – let’s break this down. When you see an example of “better” and you decide on wanting that for yourself, here’s what happens…

I want you to imagine a hologram of yourself 10 feet ahead of you right now. That hologram of you is the image in the future that you want to see for yourself.

It has the nice cars, the dream home, the money, the health and the significant other. Everything you’re dreaming of. You have to do the work to take you from where you currently are, to that hologram and then the life you want, becomes your life.

The problem is, our mind works on Ying and Yang intuitively so the moment you can see the benefits you’ll get, you also start to feel the roadblocks that will occur, the things you will have to overcome to make that journey.

So as you’re focusing on the benefits of making that journey to the hologram. Your ego, your protector is making you aware of the ying to your yang. Get it?

So if you’re not strong enough to keep focus on the positive image you see, your body will start to feel the unsettling emotions of the hard work that’s needed to create it.

The problem is, your ego doesn’t look at the hard work as “oh look at everything you’ve had to overcome to get here”, your ego’s looking at that journey as “oh shit, look at everything that’s coming, you’re so not equipped to go through this, you’re missing the Dad, the mentors, the money etc”.

The ego is safest in one spot, no movement, no change.

If you ever want to achieve the journey to the hologram you envision, you need to keep focus more on the image and spin the hurdles so that you acknowledge them but you look at them from the perspective of “wow look at everything I did to get here”.

This is also known as the concept of “Living in the now”, which I’ll maybe go into more depth in another post.

Now that you understand why this arises, I can tell you, after looking at it for years what the 3 fundamental parts of creating success are.

1. The Vision. 

You must have this, you must know what direction you’re going in, you must be able to clearly see that hologram of what you want to achieve. Do not move until this becomes clear.

2. The Information You Consume.

You must consume information that is conducive to and assists the hologram you see. So if you want to make money, but are constantly consuming information about being healthy, you’ll be healthy, but your bank balance will suffer.

3. The People Around You.

This is the one people struggle with the most, I certainly do. You need to let go of people that are not inspiring, motivating and pushing you to the creation of the reality that you see in that hologram.

That’s it. Some people have a luckier advantage, where as I had my Dad who forced me to seminars which put me around the right people, he gave me books etc..

But the core is. Vision. Right Information. Right People. I’ve never seen anyone with all of these 3 NOT succeed. This is the science of adjusting the core of who you are.

I guarantee you see yourself as a millionaire, you read what millionaires read and you spend the majority of your time talking to millionaires and you WILL become a millionaire.

Excuses don’t matter, advantages don’t matter. This is character engineering.

The only thing that matters is your willingness to put yourself and align these situations.

We implemented these 3 principles in Gold For Life, success rate shot to 92%. The only thing we haven’t nailed to the ground is number 3, surrounding yourself with only the people aligned. Because it’s an international company, people have to do that themselves. Although we’re working on improving that through additional services.

I’ll give you a recent example from my life, 2014 I decided that since my generation is going to have the choice to live forever, if not forever, for a very long time as per futurist Ray Kurzweil’s observations. So, I wanted to align my food, nutrition and health to that of healthy and wealthy people to allow me to live that to the max.

So, what did I do, see myself eating well in realistic terms for my life, so that it’s a vision that I can actually SEE happening.

I read the right information concerning my then current diet, made myself very conscious of the negatives of that, and then looked for the simplest adjustment I could make to step right in the direction. For me, it was cut out processed foods & meditate & disconnect from technology.

Then I spoke to and surrounded myself in conversation, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere that I “look”, with people who are aligned to that vision.

Nearly a month off processed foods 90% of the time, consistent meditation and considerably less technology later and this is one of the easiest adjustments I’ve made. I followed the steps, created the momentum and surrounded myself in it.

You have all these 3 things working for you, and it’s much harder to sway your attention to the negative, or the current reality you’re living in. ANYONE can do it, as-long as you’re willing to transcend.

This is the science of character engineering. Go cultivate yourself.



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