Books, People & Things That Inspire Me

This website is really a personal diary of what’s in my mind & what I learn in my journey.

There is no follow on business coaching or anything like that, I’m quite frankly enjoying my mission with Gold And Silver For Life and assisting and evolving investors in this exciting time.

I’m going to list down here all the resources that I think you should right now follow up with for your own progress in conjunction with the lessons we post on this site.


Books I Love

Esther “Abraham” Hicks – All Material, Every Book, Every Seminar, Every Audio, Every Recording

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal – Ayn Rand

Outwitting The Devil – Sharon Lechter & Napoleon Hill

Secrets Of The Power Of Intention – Dr Wayne Dyer

The Way Of The Superior Man – David Deida

Your Brain On Porn – Gary Wilson

The Isaiah Effect – Gregg Braden

The 5 Love Languages – Gary D Chapman

Wealth Wisdom of the Ages – Dr John Demartini

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

The Secret of the Ages – Robert Collier

The Art of Happiness – Dalai Lama

Tools I Love Daily

Evernote – great for note taking whenever I’m out anywhere.

Slack – a revolution in team communication. Note: this is an affiliate link and you’ll get $100 credit when you join.

Leuchtturm – simply the best notebooks I’ve ever laid hands on.

Macbook Pro & iPhone – how did the world exist before these?

People That Inspired Me When Nothing Else Could

Shawn Corey Carter aka “Jay Z”


When I was 18 years old, all my friends had just gone to University and suddenly I was alone. In the middle of my first few years in business, when I needed people to talk to, people to grow with, the only people I could relate to disappeared and were only around a couple times a month. It felt like I was being punished for wanting to be a success instead of following “the system”.

It got so bad that I almost quit, just to keep up with my “peer group”, I almost gave up business and decided to go to University at 18/19. At this moment in time I was sharing office’s with a friend of mine, Ryan. One day I walked in, focused but unhappy and he said “you need to listen to this Jay-Z album…” and the first song I heard was a song called “30 Something“.

It felt like Jay-Z was speaking to me, the music was no longer music, it connected at a level where he spoke straight into my heart, to all my anger, all my sadness, all my ambition and all my vision. His words created the very meaning for me going through the journey I was going through up until this day. Jay-Z, through his music became my peer group, a sort of “older brother” figure, a mentor and sort of a source of power which held my alignment in constant check.

Whenever I felt any negativity, I could always look at him and put myself back on track. He was/is sort of like the autopilot system in a plane for me. As you know a plane is of-course 98% of the time, but the map allows the readjustment, Jay-Z was sort of that map for me. He’s a figure that projected so much certainty in his mission that he allowed me and gave the me the freedom and courage to be equally certain in what I was doing by just momentarily experiencing his energy.

Since following his spiritual growth and looking where my study of ancient wisdom has taken me and observing how he’s grown with Beyonce and his ongoing career, he continues to inspire and be a Blueprint I can reference. I think our minds would be in great company. I must say I think having such a reference outside of the norm of my industry and sectors has been the key to allowing me to be fearless, unique and it’s prevented me from stagnating the progress of my thoughts




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