She wants taking, seducing & dominating by your soul.

The only question is, are you strong enough to take her to the ends of her creation?

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Our job is to love the divine feminine through the domination of every fiber of our soul and keep going, keep giving, until we can’t anymore. Only then, do we get to die, if we’re lucky, with nothing left within us just observing our creation blossoming in the world with peace & knowing that we live on through our creation.

998545_10151576416776593_908516108_nThis is the blueprint of life as detailed thousands of years ago through the depiction of Shiva & Shakti. From within us, divinity creates through the feminine energy

into the reality around us. I get so inspired by observing and being nourished by femininity now that I’m more focused on my mission… I was told once that a man who is not living his soul’s purpose has no idea how to ravish a true woman’s soul and I never understood that statement.

Comparing myself to 2 years ago, after all this self study and self growth, I finally understand that lesson.

The key difference, a man with purpose, selfishly loves & gives his soul to life with a wrath that un-aligned men can’t even comprehend. The guaranteed 100% “cure” for divorces & unhappy, already feminine, women? Enable and align more men to their soul’s purpose. Might also put the world into super-drive for another thousand years too, as a by-product of very satisfied, very happy women, of course.

I’ve learned that the mark of a truly successful man is one who has found a woman worthy of his soul, a woman worth giving up making love to the rest of the world, like the mind of God, for. A man who’s committed to the knowing that he has a woman who’s femininity is enough to drain his soul’s purpose during his existence on this earth so he dies empty is a brave, aligned, fully realised man.

Using this philosophy, you can tell a lot about a man by looking into the eyes of the woman he chooses to marry. Obviously assuming he has the same values of marriage that I, and other aligned men do. A look into a wife’s eyes can predict and map out the extent of her husbands soul on this planet. From that statement you should be able to tell how important I rank this decision in my life. Which is why I spent a lot of time identifying the type of woman I want to share my life with, as you can tell from the My Intentions page.

While this sounds like an immense task and lots of pressure, the decision is actually very simple if the Man is aligned to his soul. It’ll be a pull when the right woman appears, and not a chase. That’s why I’ve spent more time working on myself making sure I’m aligned than chasing to identify if certain women are right. I have no need to “test” or “see how things go” because the right woman will create a pull even I can’t ignore. Every aligned man has this.

I’m not actually sure what “advice” if any I have for women, truth is, every woman want’s a man who is aligned, but very few will ever get the opportunity. When you take into account that more and more men increasingly aren’t aligned, the probability is very low. However, and I’m only speaking for myself, I love women rooted in their femininity and walking their soul’s purpose. Femininity equals energy, equals beauty. If your femininity inspires me, and I get that pull, I’m coming for you. Then, it’s your prerogative to feel whether I can fulfil your desires & just to say yes. The fact that I’ve taken time away from my purpose generally means I’ve already contemplated your existence in my life. There is no chasing me and in my experience talking to other aligned men, we approach you with intensity when we do, because we approach everything like we approach our purpose. That scares most women. Get comfortable with that.

By the way, I’m in no way a “relationship coach” and just thinking out loud here from my own experiences & gradual alignment because a friend I shared this post with asked me immediately what I thought women should do to “get a guy like that”. Every woman deserves an aligned man which is one reason why I wrote this post to maybe give men a kick up the ass to start aligning with the almighty P. Purpose, that is.

It’s like anything in life, align yourself to the truest version of you, and your surroundings will adjust & intuition takes over.Quotation-Ayn-Rand-live-Meetville-Quotes-226394

This is one of the areas of my life I’ve been thinking about lately in a lot of depth as I align further to my soul and start my reflection on relationships in 2013 going into December. I’ve learned a lot this year about myself and managing my own masculine energy and feel that actually a lot of men miss out on this coaching, we’re either too busy chasing money or chasing women to validate ourselves in this world It’s not really our or anyone’s fault, no one’s ever been taught this. So there is really no responsibility that falls on someone’s shoulders for not teaching this. However one thing my future children can count on, is that I will take full responsibility in making sure they have a deep rooted understanding of this balance of masculine & feminine energy and how to relate to the world with it.

It is the duty of an aligned man to respect feminine energy and understand it’s there to nourish us and be a living, moment to moment physical manifestation of the “bigger game” our soul is playing with the world, the destruction/creation process as detailed by Shiva|Shakti. It is our duty to understand that the woman we choose is allowing our soul to create and bring from within us all the good we need to serve the world & we must respect her to that fact. It is the duty of an aligned man’s wife to bring from the depths of a Man’s soul the very purpose he was put onto this planet for and allow that manifestation to happen. The woman with the courage, faith & wisdom to be second place in an aligned man’s eyes to fulfilling his souls purpose while giving him everything, will always be the only woman in his eyes. You are the world, God, in human form for us to create through and bring to the world our legacy.

Remember this – an aligned man will treat his woman like a representation of his world. Because an aligned man knows that the world is his woman, and he knows the woman he chooses, must represent his deepest convictions of himself.

I’m writing this from a Man’s perspective, but the same works for a Woman, because an aligned man can give a woman the spiritual stability she needs to express her creativity and her soul’s purpose into the world at a vibration of happiness that is so amazing. Just ask Beyonce.

The beautiful thing is, when it’s right, it’s easy and just like with the world and with women, when it’s right, your job is to give give give give give give and give 1,000%, because a 1,000% of your giving, is 1,000% of exactly what the world or that woman needs to receive. There exists a perfect balance, your creation is in a Ying/Yang alignment. Giving = Receiving.

I’ve come to grow and learn that everything outside my own consciousness, i.e. everything I see with my eyes and feel with my heart is the divine feminine energy creating and being the perception of my intentions I wish to see. The world is the grand dance of creation, which is documented in history, specifically in the story of Shiva & Shakti. The woman I’ll choose is the best and most laser focused perception of the divine feminine I want to experience, for the rest of my life.

Is the world you want to create worthy of your life? Is the woman with you worthy of your soul?

Bottom line is, the goal for any aligned man, is to identify what his soul is precisely here for, and then to express himself in a way where he can die empty, with nothing left but the observation of his creation, blossoming for him. He does this through mother earth, and his wife.

“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”
– Steve Jobs’ last words before he passed.



PS. Two great books everyone should read, that led the most in my own personal development in managing my own energy were: The Way Of A Superior Man & Five Love Languages.

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8 thoughts on “A Spiritually Successful Man’s Approach To The World & Women

  1. Great blog by Minesh Bhindi. Thought provoking. I wonder how many men believe that they are spiritually aligned. How many believe that they are walking in their purpose and are courageous enough to change courses if after self assessment learns that he is not?

  2. nice reading -it’s a shame but unfortunately today’s Man struggles with his inner spiritual side even being open to anything slightly different .I am a driven businessman and ex Soldier it was only when I had my little girl Amber that I changed my thought process towards the fields of intention – to see beauty in all things can be difficult at times but aslong as you are trying then that’s all that matters.
    I know I am connected to the universe in some way as now I notice little things every day that make me smile .

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