Do you know anyone who either wants to create financial success, already is financially free and wants a little more abundance or anyone who’s already making $1m+ net a year and wants a huge quantum leap in their income?

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Well in this blog post I’m going to reveal the 3 books I think everyone should read & more importantly the order you should you read them in, depending on where you are in life & what you want to create in 2014

Firstly though, I’m a firm believer in this Einstein quote:


Reading, if it’s not done in the pursuit of information to help create a certain reality can be damaging & distracting. However, that was said in Einstein’s times, and today we live in an iPhone and Facebook world, so I’m sure even if you read books for entertainment and spent less time on Facebook & iPhone, you’d be better off than most of the world!

Why & When I Read A Book:

My requirements for reading new books are quite simple – I must be told or hinted towards that particular book 3 times. I trust in the universe’s ability to send me information at the right time and hence I always find myself opening the right page of a book and finding exactly what I needed to read, or starting Audible on my iPhone skipping the guidebook to a point and that point being exactly what I needed to hear. This happens daily for me, so I trust that the right information I need to read will always be made apparent to me in some way.

So if a book is mentioned or hinted towards 3 times, I’ll go buy it. Other than that, just focus on creating & applying the vision I have for life.

Why These 3 Books:

We’re about to enter a very interesting economic period in 2014. The world is going to finally wake up to the fact that all the economic “upturn” that the media has been feeding to us is all a lie and the actual situation is worse than before in the global economy.

We’re going deeper into a time of uncertainty, we’re going to accelerate distrust in dreams, lack of faith in the future and an overall period of disbelief.

With all of this set to happen in 2014, it’s vital that your mind stay focused on reality, stay sharp for opportunity and most importantly be able to drown out all negative messaging very very quickly.

If you want financial success, or more of it, then it depends on your ability to manifest it, which is wholly dependent on your primary focus and the mind state you wake up with.

So, on that note, I recommend these 3 books:

1. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand


When you truly grasp the message in this book, it will completely revolutionise your opinion of profit, it will completely shift your perception of the world and will keep you constantly focused on creating.

This book redefines the meaning of profit & capitalism. It takes a hard look at the world around us and gives us a philosophy to live by where the the divinity of profit, the divinity of creating and the divinity of capitalism becomes very clear for any reader.

Now, I have to say, it’s going to be a hard book to read for most people. The scariest part about it is that it was written over 50 years ago and the accuracy of Ayn Rand’s prediction regarding the virus of altruism in society and big government is truer than ever in 2014. 

This book is the first step to showing you and making clear in your mind how the world we live in today views Profit and how to change that perception for yourself. It gives you a glimpse into the purpose of existence and solidifies how to go about living that purpose.

I’m not a 100% die-hard Rand-ist by the way, there’s some things I agree with and some I don’t however the underlying philosophy and idea is one that I was woken up by.

2. Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill & Sharon Lechter


I think book is “better” than the acclaimed Think & Grow Rich. Yes, I put it THAT highly. The reason why is quite simple, we’ve never been in a more idea-rich environment. I’m sure the average person has access to ideas that could make them millions every single day. 

I’m sure the entrepreneur revolution we’re going through is poised to make many many many millionaires. The idea is there, the capital is there, the only think that’s missing is the process of navigating the self-hate the world has been conditioned with.

It seems that nowadays we don’t even need to say to people that they can’t do something, because they tell themselves enough. Self hate is the single biggest virus that’s evolved as a result of the Entitlement Society that’s been bred in this world. Why do you think a whole industry of Personal Development has spawned? Do you think we’d need seminars if people believed & KNEW one fact: You can do anything you wish.

The inspiration industry disappears when people understand ONE CORE PRINCIPLE: You are who you say you are. This book does a wonderful job of making clear how the “Devil”, which is the pre-conditioned beliefs society puts on people, distracts and confuses humanity to steal your power & invoke self-hate. 

Through the power of role-play Napoleon Hill, supported by Sharon Lechter, does an amazing job in making evident the exact tools and methods of deception in the world today. It will make you conscious of everything that is designed to distract you.

If you’ve been through even a week of any educational system in the world, you NEED to read this book to start re-constructing the belief systems that were conditioned during that period.

3. A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw


Now, a lot of you will know that Andy is actually one of my best friends. But that’s not the reason I’m recommending his books. Not the only reason anyway…

What this book has done is taken a success mindset and simplified it down to tools, techniques and what Andy calls thought structures to allow you to navigate any thoughts that are holding you back.

This book is vital for anyone plugged into the system, and to be honest, we’re all plugged into the system at some level, this book gives you a self defence mechanism. It gives you step by step instructions to maintaining a state of calmness and process for dealing with every thought or opinion thrown at you in life.

It also goes deep into your mind and makes conscious any existing “bugs” you may have in your mindset. Then it systematically gives you instructions for deconstructing those particular thoughts.

This book is the tool case everyone needs to deal with the negative thoughts thrown at us every single day by the world. Before they enter your subconscious mind, the tools in A Bug Free Mind will have destroyed them. Vital toolkit for 2014.

What Order To Read Them:

This varies on where you are in life:

1. Want to create financial success:

A Bug Free Mind then Outwitting The Devil and then Atlas Shrugged

2. Are already financially free, but want a little more abundance:

Outwitting the Devil then A Bug Free Mind then Atlas Shrugged

3. Already making $1m+ a year net and want a quantum leap:

Atlas Shrugged then Outwitting The Devil then A Bug Free Mind

There are important reasons for this order, because at every different stage your mind is flooded with different perceptions & beliefs and they require destruction one by one and stacking the books like this will allow the easiest destruction of those beliefs. I read these books in completely the wrong order but after reading them can recommend the right order for maximum results.

For example, the person making a million dollars plus already doesn’t need to get over the fact that they deserve financial success, which would be the main limiting belief of someone who wants to create financial success. 

What To Do Once You’ve Read Them:

Go out and CREATE. The biggest give you can give to yourself in 2014 is to pull your soul out of the inspiration industry and become your own inspiration.

This isn’t a list so you can say “okay I’ve read all those amazing books Minesh Bhindi recommended, weren’t they amazing!!” No – this is about allowing you to effortlessly create the LIFE you really want to create in 2014.

The greatest pleasure comes from waking up and doing what you love every single day. Make the goal to be achievement and maintenance of that environment for your life. Both mentally, a bulletproof mindset and Financially, enough abundance to buy back your time to create.

Remember – It’s not the life you imagine, but the life you create that counts.

Take Care,


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