Those that know me, know that I take December to completely stop, take a step back, reflect, let my lessons catch up with me and then create a game-plan for the next year.

I’ve just finished consolidating all my 2013 lessons, in business, in investing & in life in general.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure why most people don’t do this. Take the time, it’s worth it!

Here’s my lessons from this year in business & in life. I hope they serve you like they’ve served me, remember, the wisest man is one that learns from other people’s lessons…

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They’re in no particular order… Here we go:

1. The Only Purpose Of Money Is To Allow You To Keep Creating.

The single purpose for having an abundance of money for you should be so that you can buy your headspace back from the reality around you. We live in a society where the battle for our minds is ON. Having more money allows you to switch that off and focus on what’s really important, creating. As consumerism deepens leading to classism which sets in & breeds self-hate due to the lack of money, purely in comparison to others, you’re going to need more and more money just for the power of CHOICE, for that reason alone, money is vital. Money is the only thing that will allow you to navigate a business world & still buy you back your mind. Very controversial statement. You could just move to the rice-fields & give up on creating, if you wish.

Let me ask you, when you say “I haven’t got enough money”, as even I do – everyone does it… In comparison to what? Most of the money you want is because you’ve been told someone else has it and they have xyz benefit of that money so you should get some. Very few people on the planet have the mind-freedom to say “I haven’t got enough money because I want more, because I want it”. Achieve that, and you’ve broken your mind out of the system.

I wrote an in-depth post about this lesson a while back.

Money’s sole purpose is to make it so that life can’t tempt you, pull you or make you do things you don’t want to do. For that reason ALONE, the continued pursuit of extreme wealth is vital.

2. Money Is Created Through The Receiving Of Your Message, Not The Giving Of It.

A lot of the people that read these glimpses into my mind are people in business or interested in business or at a very minimum, are into creating an abundance of money. Well this is one lesson that took me 7 years to learn. A lot of business guru’s talk about how you’ve got to get empowered and go give give give your message to get money.

So then how come we have millions of YouTube celebrities, millions of bloggers, millions of musicians, and only a handful that make any “real money”?

Because the money is created in the VALUE the person receiving your message gives to your message. It’s like this, I’m vegetarian, so imagine someone goes through hours of cooking the best Christmas Turkey dinner, and travels 100 miles to deliver it to me, gets to my house, warms it up, sets the table, serves the dinner… Do you think I’m going to consume that? No, because it’s not value in MY eyes. No matter how much effort they went through to give me that value, it doesn’t equal value in my eyes. So I won’t receive their message/gift.

Similarly, too many businesses people focus on creating value upon value upon value and then wondering why it doesn’t equal money in the bank. You’re trying to feed a vegetarian a turkey dinner. The real smart business owners, which I’m just becoming, this is not me preaching, know how to identify the real WANT of the consumer and position themselves as the steak to the lion.

Don’t fall for this give give give give your message, whatever you have to share is of value, I bet it is, to 10 people in the world maybe in your “way” of thinking, and if those 10 people are willing to pay you $100,000 a year each, AWESOME, you’ve got a million dollar business! Otherwise, learn positioning & translate your message to the ear of the consumer effectively.

It’s your responsibility to be understood, not theirs to understand. If you want a more in-depth understanding of this lesson, go here.

Gold For Life is going to see a make-over in the new year of how the message is presented, because of this one lesson. It will result in Gold For Life becoming more consumable, more fun & more usable. As a result of this make-over, we’ll see more people protect their wealth, more people take charge of their investing and more people live happier lives. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

3. Trust No Man That Chases Adulation From His Inferiors.

This was a big lesson this year, actually took my mind “out of the game” for a week. I’m not going to go into the details of it, it was very amicably dealt with, better than I could have hoped for and I’m very grateful for the lesson now. It completely shifted my approach to people.

Bottom line is, if a person’s main pursuit is admiration from people who are at a stage “less” i.e. not creating the same amount of value as they are, then you need to stay away from that person. The only goal of someone in that mindset, albeit subconscious, is the subordination of your mind to theirs. As Ayn Rand quite rightly put, “The vilest form of self destruction, is the subordination of your mind to the mind of another”.

It’s really a subconscious pattern, let me break it down for you. When someone is in this mindset, the only real value that they’re creating is the inspiration & hope for your life & ambition they’re creating, now in order to continue doing that, you always have to perceive yourself as less than them. If someone’s inspiring you, make sure you’re not willingly subordinating your mind to theirs.

I was shocked I fell for this, I think that other than anything else, the main thing that hit me was that after 7/8 years, I still fell for it. More scarier, my peers & mastermind also fell for it. Taught me a lesson is mysticism that I’ll never ever forget. Taught me a lesson in trust I’ll never ever forget either. With the world we live in on social media, where perception has become the cosmetic of a person, you have to be really careful. That’s why I decided to leave social media for 2014.

This was not an easy lesson to learn, however was very needed and has made me single-handedly a hell of a lot stronger in my own mindset and my growth from this has been phenomenal.

That being said, if people find value in having their mind subordinated and get value from the buffering their need for action through the delusion of progress in the form of inspiration and the injection of faith in the form of hope that conversation based mediums give, then more power to them.

Just remember – growth through conversation can only occur if the parties in the conversation are aligned, the enemy is anything or anyone distracting the accurate thought of your mind through any form.

4. Results, Above All Else, Are True Wisdom.

The extent of your success depends on the speed of execution. If you can execute fast, cut the rubbish away & execute again, you’re on a huge success. This requires a vision and then a ruthless analysis of results.

I think I’ve personally wasted 5-7 months of Gold For Life’s time in serving people by not analysing results above all else this year. I spent a lot of time building a team that was subordinated to my mind, their existence was carried because it made me feel good, not because of the results they were generating for the various businesses.

Just because people are excited about your vision, doesn’t mean they have the skill to bring it to fruition. Remember that, judge people on the result they create for your vision, not the way they make you feel about your vision. If anyone’s enthusiasm for your intention is affecting the direction of your inspiration, they’re mis-serving your purpose.

People will naturally say “but what if people see a different angle”, you know one of my best mentors, you know why he’s the best? Because he doesn’t move on in conversation until the creation I told him about is sitting in front of us. A mentor builds on a creation of yours, doesn’t get you lost in an idea.

Idea’s are the currency of peasants. Execution is the commodity of a King.

5. Only Speak Messages That Lead To A Profit.

If you’re in business, if you’re the leader of people’s actions, every message, EVERY thought you release out into the world that doesn’t lead to a profit in your strategy, is worthless & actually starts harming your position.

To understand this, you need to understand one simple value that I have: Profit equals a transaction of value. If you have a value worth giving, the more profit you make the better it is for the world.

Also, by even verbalising thoughts that don’t lead to profit, you’re confusing and polarising opinions of the world. The problem with the world of social media and really fast moving media is that someone can read one thought, one statement and suddenly make an opinion of your whole purpose of existence. Then that opinion of you they have, based off nothing but your urge to express a thought, determines whether they accept the value you’re there to serve them.

Therefore if you want long term success, and really care about transformation in the lives of the people you’re serving, do not speak any messages that don’t lead to profit.

Same thing as this post right here, by me writing this, and letting you into my mind, it’s building an authority position & building our relationship more. It allows you to know that I have the knowledge you need and have been through the lessons you’re going through to create the life you want. This puts me in a position to influence your buying decision at some point in the future if I ever do a seminar, write a book or release a coaching program.

It will also inspire people who have money to invest to go check out Gold For Life and get involved with me now. This is called building a relationship & showing each other that we’re real people with similar ambitions, similar challenges and similar solutions. There is nothing wrong with that, in-fact if I’m truly here to serve you, that’s what my focus should be, to inspire you to ACT.

Profit, it’s an exchange of value. Gold For Life’s top end coaching program for investors runs up to £50,000/$80,000 per year, because after a year, they’ll know how to manage their investment for a life-time, it’s all an exchange of value.

So make all your messages aligned to the value you bring people. Every message, must lead to profit. That’s the only way to serve the world.

6. Don’t Fall For Short Term Pleasure, Over Long Term Purpose.

Every action you take comes with a Karma attached to it, that is a result reflected back to you by the world because of the action you took. When you fall for short term pleasure, more than likely that action will result in an action which will want to affect your long term purpose.

Most people get lost in this process, they fall for the short term pleasure and then go about changing their long term purpose as a result of that action.

Develop a deep rooted power in your purpose and stay true to it. The countless number of temptations this year that could have completely shook up the intention I have has been amazing, I’ve fallen for some, and when you do, it’s a constant battle with that energy to bring back into focus the energy of your purpose again. Just easier to let that temptation slide.

7. Value The Result Over The Hard Work.

This one’s interesting, let me ask you, what’s more important, the hard work you’re doing and everyone see’s you’re doing or the actual result of the reality you want to experience?

It should be, the reality you want to experience. However there are some people who just want the hard work, and that’s absolutely fine.

But for those who actually want the result, stop working so damn hard. Instead, focus on making the vision clear for your reality and then be patient, wait for the inspiration and then act fast.

Let me give you an example, December I focus on making the vision very clear, and in the month where I’m “doing the least”, we’ve manifested a new marketing team, an amazing writer, I’ve effortlessly let go of people that weren’t serving me (they literally just left), things that were wasting money disappeared, we have a 2014 marketing plan laid out, we have a connection that will lead to Gold For Life jumping to the top of distribution in our industry, secured more Gold & Silver than in all previous months this year, besides maybe November, which I’d have to check.

And what have I been doing? Sitting around in my favourite places in London which include Boisdale Cigar Bar in Canary Wharf, Searcy’s Members Lounge at the top of The Gherkin building & the Bvlgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, making the vision clearer.

I can only do this when I value the result, over the hard work. For as-long as you value hard work, you’re stopping the reality. Only when the inspiration kicks in does my hard work start.

I wrote 2 posts about this topic this year. Here and here.

8. If You Haven’t Got 10,000 Hours, Don’t Even Try Becoming Successful.

Malcolm Gladwell said this and I had put this down as bullshit. How the hell could anyone need 10,000 hours to become successful? How could anyone need that much time to create what they wanted..?

And then I found myself sitting a seminar in San Diego with my friend Andy Shaw, we’re in the back of the audience, calculating on a notepad how long both of us have spent on our current businesses, his being A Bug Free Mind, and me talking about Gold For Life, and it turns out, he’s spent about 1,500 hours more than me (he started mid-2010, GFL started December 2010), but we’re both approaching 10,000 hours and only now have we navigated to get to the point where both businesses are on the verge of turning into “businesses”.

A lot of people think I have a business in “Gold For Life” at this stage, I don’t, sorry to crash the dream. Me flying to Hawaii this year to speak on Gold & Silver Investing, is… a JOB. A very nice job, but a job nonetheless.

I’m almost at the point of turning Gold For Life into a business, and it’s really hitting right on 10,000 hours. So now I always say, unless you’ve got 10,000 hours to devote to something to make it successful DON’T EVEN START.

At a rate of 40 hours per week, 2080 hours a year, 4.8 years. At 60 hours a week, 3,120 hours a year, that’s 3.2 years. As you can see, I’m somewhere in-between 40-60 hours per work of “working on” the business. Yes, Minesh works. I know it’s a delusion in the seminar industry when you see speakers talking bout an amazing lifestyle, but the truth is, it’s work. And it’s only after 10,000 that you’ll get the business to the stage of turning it into a BUSINESS. Not a high paying job that you’re still exchanging time for.

The only difference is, I get to pick what I work on, I get to pick the lifestyle I have. So it’s a pleasurable 10,000 hours, for the most part!

I speak to people regularly at events or on Gold For Life coaching calls or people that just email me via this site, and I see it over and over again, people just want success without the work.

Take away the 6 month deadlines and STICK AT IT until you serve your 10,000 hours, otherwise, quite simply, get a job, you’ll be getting one in 6 months time anyway and you won’t have wasted thousands of dollars.

9. Always Follow Your Intuition.

I wrote this post about Intuition and what not following it cost me in 2013, so I’ll keep this short and you can go read that if you want an in-depth analysis.

Quite simply, your intuition is your natural guidance system, it’s designed to spot out in your reality the direction you need to be walking in to manifest exactly what it is you’re aligned to.

I use intuition to influence investing decisions, I use intuition to influence relationship decisions, I use intuition to influence business decisions.

Your intuition knows what’s right for you, you have to trust it & surrender to it.

10. Above All Else, Know What You Want.

Answer these questions now:

How dare you be so certain that the sun will rise tomorrow? 

Why are you so certain? If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting there going “Because it will, it has to, it always has, therefore it must, that’s what the sun does Minesh you idiot…”.

Great, now let me ask you…

How dare you be so certain that you’ll create the success you want in 2014?

I’m going to make a controversial statement (surprise), if you have immediately jumped into defensive mode, spurred a little anger and gone straight into justifying why you will create the success you want, you are at a 90% chance of failing right now.

Let me explain…

Did you need to justify to me about the sun’s rising? No, it was a “Minesh, you’re so stupid, of course it’s going to rise, that’s what it does!”. There was no manifestation of doubt, no manifestation of justification, because it’s a certainty. It’s SO CLEAR that this should happen, that it must, therefore it does.

So, how much time do you spend making the vision of the reality you want to experience more clearer and more certain than the sun’s rising tomorrow?

Do not take any action until the result of that action is so clear and certain in your mind that there is no need to justify, no need to defend, because it’s just FACT, it has to happen. That’s when you know what you want.

Valuable Lessons? – Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Got my team to create this little image for you to keep if you need a quick summary of the lessons, I hope you like it… Please save it, download it and if you know anyone that would benefit from reading these lessons, then share it with them…

This Is For You To Download, Save and Share!

The most successful people in the planet spend the most amount of time making clear what they want, because then the how just falls into place. When you know what you want to this level of clarity I’m explaining, nothing can stop it happening.

This December, I’ve spent my time doing this for my investments, for my businesses, for my friendships, for my romantic relationship… All the things you can read about on the My Intentions page, are at this stage of clarity.

Do not do anything in 2014, until your intentions are clear, otherwise it won’t be the most effective year you deserve.

You apply all these lessons in the 5-7 days of this holiday period we have left and I guarantee you, you will have a 2014 that other people will be envious of. In order to take quantum leaps in success, you have to be willing to learn the quantum lessons, you can only do that if you slow down enough to pay attention.

These lessons I’ve covered, while sounding simple, have pushed me to the edge of my understanding of life when they were playing out throughout the year. I’ve translated them into the most effective way for you to consume & apply them because thats my job, to help you out-think, and out-manouver the world. Learn from my lessons. I wish they serve you in the new year like they will me.

Wish you an abundant 2014!


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12 thoughts on “10 Lessons For A Life Changing 2014

  1. I'm 20, so my lessons are pretty much what older people already know. However, young people don't really know or understand these things:

    Lesson #1: Take responsibility!
    Explanation: Once you take the responsibility for your actions, every success and failure, will be yours! While it's scary, it will give you a clear insight in what you do well and what you do wrong, so you can improve.

    Lesson #2: World doesn't owe you anything
    Explanation: Young people think that if they graduate from college, they will get the job they want, just because they went to that college. Or maybe because they are "customer-friendly, responsible, work well in a team". They think the girl of their dreams should be with them because they are "Mr. Nice Guy".
    When reality hits, it's hard. They see that what they've been taught, doesn't equal to reality. So the sooner you understand that the world doesn't care about you, sooner you'll start taking care of yourself and projecting the results YOU wants.

    Lesson #3: Don't be afraid to THINK and confront yourself!
    Explanation: Why do people watch TV so much? Why do people spend so much time on social media? If that isn't a part of their job description, most people do it because they're afraid to be left alone with their thoughts. Think about what made you feel bad, analyze it and learn from it! That was probably the biggest game-changer for me.

    Lesson #4: Give and you shall receive = true, but it's important TO WHOM you give.
    Explanation: Many people think that giving equals to receiving, but they often fail to give "in the right direction". It's basically investing. If you invest into the right people, they will invest into you.

    Lesson #5: It's not who you know, but who knows you.
    Explanation: When important people know who you are and what you do, they will be more inclined to hire you and/or use your services.

    Lesson #6: Self-loathing = self-destruction
    Explanation: Self-loathing is tightly connected to the lesson #1. Self-loathing will obstruct your personal growth.

    I've learned these things in 2013. I was completely different in 2012. I'm not saying that ALL these lessons are 100% correct, because I'm yet to evolve, mature and grow more personally. I'm looking forward to it because 2013 really opened my eyes and it has helped me understand how the world works. I just hope that at the end of 2014, my mind will be much clearer, than it is now, and that I will have more lessons that I could share with people in a way in which they will understand.

  2. Minesh Bhindi definitely. The main issue is selfishness of young people. It's always "me, me, me". This is the result of improper upbringing. Parents don't let their kids take responsibility and make decisions and, because of that, kids are spoiled and thus selfish. So when they reach a certain age(18-19 years), they expect their future boss the be the always-approving Dad or Mom. And when that future boss turns out to be the strict teacher, that they hated in high school, they run away to their parents for comfort.

    I know that one day I too will be the always-approving Dad, but I just hope that I will set some boundaries and create a responsible human being out of my son or daughter.

  3. Firstly thanks Minesh for inspiration, Secondly impressed Stefan's observations
    Saw you speak at Raymond's Aaron's London event- Creating Authorities one book at time. On & offline you consistently produce tangible results.

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